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Anime Pregnant Mother Simulator: Family Life is a like a horrific accident. Something compels one to look in defiance of one's best judgment.

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CrimsonWing6927d ago

Well... that's, uh, well it's--I'm not gonna' lie, I got nothin'

Yppupdam27d ago

I got one!-- WHAT!?! why isn't this called "Anime Birthing person simulator?"

TallDarknWavy27d ago

If the author wrote that as the title at least we would know why he hated the game so much - he's a cuck SJW who can't get laid and will never come close to making anyone willfully pregnant -_-

Blade9227d ago

Yup I gotta try it out for myself.

MeteorPanda27d ago

is it poor taste to say this games Dead on Arrival?

Yppupdam26d ago

Don't you mean stillborn.... I'll let myself out.....

FinalFantasyFanatic26d ago

And it's still more complete than Yandere Simulator.

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