“Okinawa Rush” is coming to PC and the Nintendo Switch this October (2021)

"The indie boutique publisher No Gravity Games and indie games developer Sokoikan Ltd today announced with great thrill and joy that their 2D 16-bit fast-paced retro platformer/fighting game “Okinawa Rush” is coming to PC on October 21st and to the Nintendo Switch on October 28th." - Jonas Ek, TGG.

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Magog30d ago

Pixelated side scroller. That's gonna be a no from me, dawg.

TGG_overlord30d ago

It's your loss, as it's a great game on all levels.

isarai29d ago

One of the best beat'em ups i've ever played based on the demo. And i've played many, it's my favorite genre

TGG_overlord29d ago

I made a video based on the alpha, and I wrote-up an very positive preview for the PC-version of the game not too long ago. Long story short, I'm getting the full version of the game for sure.

Outlawzz29d ago

The animations and fighting look pretty crisp tbh. No a fan of brawlers but this looks fun