Review: Tales of Arise Winds Through Rich Moral Terrain, But Only Up to a Point | Slant

The game’s incredibly refined, real-time combat is complemented by the social lessons and warnings imparted by the story.

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Kaii24d ago

Combat visually is sweet and superb when everything connects, the disconnect happens when on bosses I found (Immune to stun/stagger) which leads the fighting to a somewhat slow waltz the player must perform. Difficulty being health increase and blindly ignoring incoming enemy attacks will lead to death & zero item management results the same.

The enemy variety lacking & way too many unlockable attacks, removing long wind up attacks on bosses because duh its stab>stab>break away dance>assess situation>repeat.

I guess people didn't have issues with the Ai (team) on story/normal/moderate but I felt like I had to micromanage a tad too much on some encounters (Just past the 4th lord atm).

Is it just me that feels like combat vs mobs is the right way but the combat on bosses (ignoring difficulty) isn't tied to the system they've taught you from the get-go?

chaos99924d ago

mobs at too easy and bosses are punishing

GoodGuy0924d ago

The combat really relies on boost attacks and strikes for small enemies. And especially tons of heals. Bosses are indeed a problem and just not fun, theyre complete sponge tanks that can never have the break effect that stuns them making combos near impossible and you being squashed easily. Youre discouraged from using long and slow artes, this wouldnt be a problem if we can dodge out of artes. So all you can really do in boss battles is hit them with some fast artes when they are open...and when they are open, they are only very slightly open, and keep dodging or else youll just keep dying making you use tons of cp and items. This bs makes it really seem they really want you to buy the dlc. Enemies have way too much health that the real way to kill them is by boost strikes. This gets very very repetitive.

Arena battles are complete trash since you cant use items or even have a set of items you can use. Solo arena is really bad if your character cant heal.

Again, im not a fan of the artes that have their own guage and recharge system, I much prefer TP which was simple and classic rpg and brought better balance to artes. All artes feel like they do the same damage because they all use the same amount of AG. The TP system told you what was more powerful becuase it was more versatile. Sure magic users use tp quick but it was because they were so powerful.

Game has its problems but I am enjoying it nonetheless compared to the other tales games in years. A step in the right direction.

24d ago
Relientk7724d ago

For Slant, a 7/10 is actually pretty good