Virtual Crime = Real Prison Time?

'Defendant found guilty in the wrongful death suit filed by remaining members of the Flood.'

After a long deliberation, the judge at the Chief v. Flood trial stated, "I am supposed to be impartial, but you disgust me Mr. Chief. I hope the surviving members of the Flood can find a nice world to settle and I pray they find peace away from your atrocious acts." Mr. Chief declined comment.

What you have just read above is NOT real. However, what you do in an online game could lead to something similar. No, not the destruction of a bulbous pile of squirming chaos, but the choices you make could lead to possible jail time.

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JimmyJames703603d ago

I have to read this one. Work be damned.

CrAppleton3603d ago

wow.. just wow.. That's insane!

Wenis3603d ago

What a joke. I don't see how it could be a crime when technically its part of the game.

killyourfm3603d ago

Anyone remember that album? freaking amazing, but I digress...

What if in the future the government taps our minds, and it's determined that our crime sprees in GTA XIII indicate we're completely and irrevocably insane, and we ARE jailed virtual crimes.

I'm not paranoid, but we AREN'T too distant from that possible reality.

CrAppleton3603d ago

You're talking Minority Report type sh*t.. That's scary stuff

bgrundman3603d ago

It is only a matter of time before this all comes true. That is a pretty scary reality check.

JimmyJames703603d ago

You're cracking me up but scaring me at the same time.

Bob Dole3603d ago

What happens? Revolution happens. Hopefully.

Lombax3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

And gave us Barack Obama. YaY!

Because: Black = Change

Ron Paul was the only politician talking actual change. Yet he was the only one nobody listened too, because the media put a bag over his head, rolled him up in an old rug, and tossed him in the river.

Gun_Senshi3603d ago

the day we will be chipped i will kill myself before they chip me

Bob Dole3603d ago

Bob Dole woulda voted for Ron Paul. He likes the idea of cutting off all foreign support and spending that money on ourselves. It's not like anyone else is helping us.

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CrAppleton3603d ago

So what does this teach us? Stay away from online dating.. and virtual.. dating.. just stay away from people and go back to the good old days of meeting them in person

bgrundman3603d ago

Imagine that, meeting people in real life... but what about the cooties?

JimmyJames703603d ago

Just stay away from people in general. You can have pizza delivered right to your door these days.

bgrundman3603d ago

This is pretty amazing. An awesome piece!

roblef3603d ago

Great article! LOVE the use of humor to satirize (or maybe just predict) the future of vidcrime.

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