Square-Go Reviews Resistance 2: R2 is a very ordinary FPS 4/10


Enemy 'intelligence' is weak to say the least; after playing the game for a short time an almost psychic awareness of their next moves can be gained as they'll either take cover repetitively or charge at you pointlessly. Chimera also fail to acknowledge any other character on the screen, and wave on wave come charging past your teammates on a bee-line for your character.

Resistance: Fall of Man sold because of public outrage concerning Manchester Cathedral. R2 completely lacks this selling point. Although boss fights are reasonably handled, good scenes are offset with dull linearity and annoying jumping sections. The cooperative multi-player features are interesting, and competitive mode has huge levels to play about in, but these good features do not justify the game. In all, R2 is a very ordinary FPS. If the developers want to continue this series, they need to seriously re-work the gameplay or become the bad boys in the press again. Shootout in a nursery anyone?"

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WANNA GET HIGH3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Well i played the game and i love it.I give it 9/10.That is there opinion so i guess we just have to accept the score.But with that said i have never heard about the site before and its obvious they are trying to get hits.

UnwanteDreamz3598d ago

I have to say though this is weak. I am not a huge resistance fan but this just seems low. I think overall R2 is a solid FPS. How can you give a solid game a failing grade? '

Here are some other games this Phil Harris has scored.

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arika3598d ago

just another fanboy on the website, who does not now what he is talking about! i played it and i just love's taking most of my game time. impressive campaign mode and an even better online game that is soo addictive. so for everyone who haven't played it, you're missing out on the best fps for this year.

The Killer3598d ago

i aint give a rats about reviewers these days, unless there is so many reviewers giving a game like 6/10

Mozilla893598d ago

They are just giving it a ridiculously low score just so they can be noticed.

hotdawg3598d ago

mother-sister knows hes in the basement using her internet to write this trash. He liked Legendary more than R2 so he probably types with clubbed clawlike hands instead of fingers.

u got owned3598d ago

Some websites are just desperate for hits. Come on a 4/10 is just pushing it. This game deserves 8+ and up. This is ridiculous.

SL1M DADDY3598d ago

That this guy is a total failure. Sorry, but 4 is an absolutely stupid attempt to gain hits from somebody that knows their site is a lousy attempt at web banter. Sorry, but me no clicky. Thanks N4G for posting up enough information to save me from licking this idiot's website.

Danja3598d ago

R2 deserves a 9/10 in my book , the SP campaign was really good for the most part , it has the best MP for any game released this year..

The Killer3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

report this story as lame and spam, if we let these articles or review to be approved then u never know what will be the next

boodybandit3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

horribly written.
desperate for hits.
quality of articles getting approved on N4G is at an all time low. Anyone with access to a site with something inflammatory to say gets approved anymore.

Milky3598d ago

.I shouldnt be laughing though, they clearly need help.

Dark Collosis3598d ago

They even gave LEGENDARY a higher score at 7/10..... That just somehow doesnt seem right...

callahan093598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

This review is simply uncalled for. No way in hell does this game deserve to be rated a 4 on a scale of 10. It perpetuates more lies about the game. Enemy A.I. is not stupid as some reviewers like to make you believe, the enemies do NOT exclusively attack your character, and while they do perceive Hale as their primary target, this is explained in the story because the chimera have psychic powers and Hale and Daedalus have a special connection. When Hale dies, Daedalus will receive his powers. This is explained in one of the co-op mission updates. Obviously this means that Daedalus wants his minions to kill Hale first and foremost so that he can extrapolate his power.

It all makes sense.

Not only that, but it's common to basically every action game where the majority of the time you see enemies on screen they are trying to attack YOU. It's a stupid complaint and it has nothing to do with whether you'll enjoy your experience with the campaign. The campaign is fun, plain and simple.

The engineering, nice graphics, quality level designs, and steady frame rate along deserve praise. This is the hard work of talented people we're talking about here. This is not some buggy piece of crap barbie adventures game for God's sakes.

And to completely undermine the revolutionary idea of having a ranking up and experience system that permeates through all levels of the game, from campaign to co-op to competitive, is just irresponsible. It turns the game into a sort of RPG. The multiplayer modes are great and add a ridiculous amount of longevity to the game, and this reviewer passes them off as though nobody would ever dream of buying the game for multiplayer: he says the single-player sucks and apparantly that's the most important thing, so everybody should ignore the prospects of a good multiplayer experience and just take a large dump on the game! Riiiiight.

And the multiplayer mode's use of berserks (special abilities that you can activate after gaining certain amounts of experience in battle, of which new abilities are unlocked for extensively playing the game) is quite unique and adds a great element of strategy to the game's online multiplayer.

In short, giving this game a 4 out of 10 is just unfair and callous. It's irresponsible and it undermines the hard work of the people who made this VERY FINE game. This critic has never created something so compelling in his entire life and never will, he makes a living by destroying the quality created by others. Pathetic.

gaffyh3598d ago

Lol this guy is pathetic. An obvious cry for hits to his site.

Bubble Buddy3598d ago

Nothing ordinary about 4/10. Based on his comments it should have been a good 6-8. I say it deserves a 9.2/10.

monkpunk13598d ago

this is a pathetic attempt to get hits... so much advertising on the site too. Not only that but the screenshots were old press images from nearly a year ago. site blocked.

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Slinger4203598d ago

One really has to wonder how someone who clearly didn't play this game is able to publish a review??? Odd really. Get a fahqing life

Asurastrike3598d ago

This is a website no one knows about trying to get hits with a controversial review. The reason this review is so late is because he had to wait for his mom's paycheck to buy the game.

MegaMohsi3598d ago

It's obvious this person didnt play beyond the SP campaign. the MP and CO-OP alone justify this game, what a load of crap. How do they let people like this review the game??? "The first one sold because of the cathederal news???" It's obvious this guy is very biased.

butterfinger3598d ago

Journalist "intelligence" is weak to say the least; after browsing the website for a short time an almost psychic awareness of their next moves can be gained as they'll either spread flamebait repetitively or degrade quality titles pointlessly. Final score: 3/10