Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta Might Be Delayed


Thank you to everyone for tuning into the live stream today! Awesome to share the team's work and very excited to play it together soon.

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darthv7228d ago

Awe man... i wondered why I had not received the link to download yet. I got the acceptance email back on Monday and it said the beta would be Sep 23-26 and then Sep 30 - Oct 3.

Highrevz27d ago

You can download the beta from the store. Iirc I had to search “ Halo Insider Beta” to find the download.

As far as I’m aware it’s still planned to go live at the times mentioned. Didn’t work earlier today and I haven’t tried for a few hours.

CaptainHenry91627d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I started to get concerned when it was in development for 6 years and got delayed over a year, and it's still having problems. Maybe they should delay it another 6 months to make sure everything is ready at launch

purple10127d ago

Delay it to mid August next year so it can be at e3 ( again)

Just wait;)

CaptainHenry91627d ago (Edited 27d ago )


I would do that if the game is not ready. This is a big franchise and very important for Microsoft. Don't want to cause any drama and controversy with the fanbase

Popsicle27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I agree in principle, but I do not know if 6 months is the answer. IMO delay the game until it is 100% ready and don’t release in pieces. Halo is Microsoft’s flagship IP and needs to be complete and the best it can be upon release.

Lastly, given the significant monetary investment and considerable development length, if this game is anything less than a great game it is time to move Halo away from 343 and grant the IP to a more competent developer.

CaptainHenry91627d ago

"grant the IP to a more competent developer."

Do you have a developer in mind?

Sayai jin27d ago

Yeah, finish the paint job with clear coat and let the paint fully dry before pulling it (the game) out of the garage.

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Notellin27d ago

It was the same for the first wave. If on Xbox you just have to have the insider hub app. When it's available it will show up there. It was a couple hours behind schedule with the first beta as well.

darthv7227d ago

I got the hub app and its downloading now. Thanks.

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Magog28d ago ShowReplies(5)
LucasRuinedChildhood28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I know this is just the beta, but with them already cutting so many features at launch (campaign co-op, Forge, assassination animations, no traditional progression system), and still having issues like this, they should probably just delay it until February or March (less crowded).

I think they're likely trying to pressure the team to finally finish it by trying to set a firm deadline, but if it's not ready, it's not ready. From what I've heard, the core gameplay is pretty good so they should try make the launch as smooth as possible.

Magog28d ago

Not that less crowded. PS5 has a bunch of heavy hitters coming in the first 3 months next year.

LucasRuinedChildhood28d ago (Edited 27d ago )

The PS5 definitely has big hitters in those months but my point about February remains. It has much more officially dated games than March right now and should probably be avoided.

I think Horizon Forbidden West (February) will also get more buzz than GT7 (March), at least among the American audience where Halo is most prominent, so March is better for that reason as well.

Aloymetal28d ago

According to your 1 dislike as of must be lying, there are not great heavy hitters releasing in the first 3 months of next yr....

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Notellin27d ago

Why is PS5 your topic of conversation on a Halo Infinite article?

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Gamble2027d ago

I’m not going to lie, I don’t want another delay for things that aren’t actually breaking the game. This isn’t a situation of the game being a Cyberpunk like buggy mess. There is more than enough content to launch, especially for multiplayer. Anything they haven’t figured out in the last six years isn’t likely to be fixed by three extra months. It’s time. Launch the game.

Popsicle27d ago

How do you know it’s not a buggy mess? Nobody predicted Cyberpunk to be a buggy mess.

As an owner of all Halo games I hope you are correct, but I don’t understand the certainty of your comment given the development hell this game has gone through.

medman28d ago

I wish I could say this was surprising news....343 strikes again.

EvertonFC27d ago

Don't want to be a hater but I can see it bombing.
I think the original halo gamers will buy it for sure but the teenagers coming through will try it and just go back to that pants fortnite imo.
Only time will tell but I just think it's only gonna be those original halo gamers from xbox/360 who are in there mid 30s now.

Gamble2027d ago

A game can be highly successful without attracting the Fortnite gaming group. In fact it probably would hurt the game to try and get a demographic that doesn’t actually appreciate the game style, as we saw with Halo 4 trying to be like COD etc.

Also, Fortnite is beginning to fade. Young consumers are fickle and treat things like fads. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Fortnite go the way of WoW and other smash hits.

Atticus_finch27d ago

I disagree Halo regardless of quality will do really well. It has a huge following and its the only game worth playing on Xbox for a long time.
And you don't even have to buy.

Notellin27d ago

"I could see it bombing"

Good thing you aren't paid to analyze anything or you'd be without work.

The Wood27d ago

Doubt it will bomb but I dont rate 343. They've had all this time, resources and a strong foundation and this is the result. Doesn't the fact they were going to release a pile of ds last year at least warrant a question about their ability. I've seen some be waaaay more critical and vocal over studios that are way better at their craft than these guys if you know what I mean. The emperor's new clothes springs to mind, then again, maybe the Prestige.

The Wood27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I also think they were propped up by gamespass. I think they knew they could add seasons, adding features over time to sustain engagement. Sneaky af way of finessing and if they're still having to stagger features they were definitely ok to release it in the state it was in last year. The higher ups must of okayed so you have to question the management of the project and team. The backlash scuppered that and may have saved the game.

rockwhynot27d ago

Original halo fan here. I won't buy it like I didn't buy Halo 5 unless they do something about the squeak fest soundscape.

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Chevalier27d ago

Makes you wonder if they're having issues this late that's for sure. How was this supposed to have launched last year? A year later and they're cutting corners to get to the finish line. If this launched last year like it was supposed to it would have been a disaster

Godmars29027d ago

That's why you spend 2-3 years focusing on hiring key people to make the continuation of what's suppose to be your flagship franchise. Not doing such, just rushing out product to have product versus entertainment or potential art, is why you et 2-3 lukewarm entries, a broken collection, and whatever Infinite's suppose to be whenever it comes out in piecemeal fashion.

Godmars29027d ago

if they wanted to continue the series, not like MS had a choice in who they hired.

Mind you, they could have chosen, in not to continue, then give it a rest while trying to find and build the right team.

Chevalier27d ago

Its a pretty heavy investment to have 750 people probably over a 1000 at some points work on this game for what 5 to 6 years? But it's definitely telling how poorly managed they are if the game which was supposed to launch last year is having issues still. 🤔 How was last year's release date supposed to pan out? It's mind boggling

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