Death Stranding: Director’s Cut has finally made me a believer | Polygon

Polygon: "So: Is Death Stranding: Director’s Cut worth playing? Absolutely. Especially now. Was Death Stranding also worth playing in 2019? I’d say so. I just wasn’t ready for it yet."

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darthv7227d ago

I have the big box CE that i never opened and now I don't really have a reason to as this version is the one to play. Who knows... in several years this one i have could be worth something. Same with the themed pro system i have.

dumahim27d ago

How can you pass up having a baby in an orange jar displayed with the lights on in your living room??

Magog27d ago

Takes a big man to admit when he was wrong. Kudos.

AnotherGamer27d ago

Now people are starting to get the game.