Steam Deck Interface for Dev Kits Leak Out

The Steam Deck interface for dev kits have leaked! This comes from an unnamed Chinese developer who apparently doesn't care about NDA's.

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Magog31d ago

Looks basic but serviceable. That's Steam alright.

phoenixwing31d ago

Have to wait till after the holidays for mine. Still can't lock down a ps5 in comparison

Teflon0230d ago

Mine is Q1 2022, wish I didn't fall asleep when orders went up lol

instantstupor30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Mines the same, and I was hammering the preorder button as soon as it went live. It took over an hour to actually get the order in thanks to how poorly Valve managed the load from the increased traffic. Crashes and errors abound.

My other friend who got his order in before mine was also Q1 2022. I think you had to be ultra lucky if you snagged a December 2021 slot.

metabolicfrolic30d ago

Can this replace the current Big Picture mode? That'd be nice. Right now BPM lacks polish imo.

Teflon0230d ago

They said it would as far as I believe I remember. Or atleast it will get an overhaul.