Death Stranding PS4 to PS5 Save Transferring Is a Classic Kojima Move for One Last Journey on PS4

Death Stranding PS5's release is here, and many of you are planning on using your old PS4 saves, you have one last delivery to make before you can do that.

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1nsomniac28d ago

Another incredibly lazy and ignorant move by Kojima. Let’s see how the fans spin this one….

AnotherGamer28d ago

Wait, what? How is that lazy?

CrimsonWing6928d ago

I think he meant to say it's inconvenient.

Tacoboto28d ago

Lazy, inconvenient, whatever it is, it's lame for people wanting to upgrade. It's worse than the worst case so far for PS5 upgrades in terms of manual intervention. Who wants to be stuck in the PS4 game for maybe hours longer when they just bought the PS5 upgrade?

I haven't played since I beat it in late 2019, idk if there's a stuck task for me. And I'm not wasting however-many gigs of space and hours of time to be able to enjoy what I'd have spent $10 on.

DMgHalt27d ago

@Tacoboto There's nothing keeping you from playing the PS5 upgrade. But if you want your PS4 game save to transfer over, you have to complete a mini-quest. And how exactly do you go from being bored on PS4 and to suddenly "enjoy" playing Death Stranding on PS5? It's the same game, not an expansion.

DigitalHope27d ago

Wait, I transferred my save and never played some mini game. This is a bunch of BS right?

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RaidenBlack27d ago

Ah, that time of the year ... when Kojima has again been able to convince some folks to play his mail man simulator with his "strand™" marketing.
Guys with monocle will say, "hmm, you're too plebeian to fathom the gravity of the this whole endeavor. I am compelled to strike you down with err ... downvotes !"


Nobody made you played it. I think it’s silly to extend your dislike of the game genre all the way to a little quirky thing the creator did to make the save transfer process unique for his game.

YourMommySpoils28d ago

Meanwhile, Insomniac Games still don't let you transfer your Spider-Man save to PS5. I'm sure someone here would gladly offer you a shoulder to cry on.

FortWaba28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

This is false, as I transferred both games' save files to PS5, and proceeded to plat both games there.

Teflon0228d ago

Weird because I transfered it and even had my previous trophies instantly unlocked lol

YourMommySpoils27d ago

Now that I didn't know. This whole time been avoiding upgrading cause I thought you couldn't. Thanks all.

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EvertonFC28d ago

That's a fun touch for sure

ANIALATOR13628d ago

We used to have Transfarring too. Bit of a shame.

SyntheticForm28d ago

Aside from being a mild inconvenience I'm really not seeing the issue here.

SPEAKxTHExTRUTH28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

And just when I thought transferring game saves from PS4 to 5 couldn't get any worse...

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