Call of Duty Vanguard's Beta Is A Soulless, Disappointing Mess

What makes Call of Duty: Vanguard's issues worse is that it essentially feels like a 1:1 reskin of Modern Warfare 2019 with a WW2 aesthetic.

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Jin_Sakai24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Couldn’t agree more.

Played the beta and it was garbage. Maps are awful, guns sound like crap, graphics are mediocre, and a tiring WW2 setting that no one asked for. Thank goodness I was able to get a refund from Sony.

I’ll be playing Halo Infinite this holiday in its place! BF2042 also looks great but it’s not really my thing.

RaidenBlack24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

WW2 isn't tiring if done right.
DiCE even made WW1 awesome. Think about that.
Sadly, the two big juggernauts (BF and CoD), both failed to come up with a compelling, fun "modern" WW2 shooter.
But to compare, I'd even say BF:V, in its current state has more soul than this Vanguard crap.

JEECE24d ago

Unfortunately at launch BF:V avoided the major WWII battles we all want to see in a game like that, apparently on the grounds that they've been done too many times. Fortunately they added some good Pacific Maps in the DLC, but a lot of people had already checked out by then.

outsider162423d ago

Hell Let Loose was a more realistic WW2 done right. Man was i having fun with the game especially with teammates giving out orders. Felt like real war.

EazyC24d ago

Halo Infinite making me wish I got an XBX, I love multiplayer shooters but holy crap, there hasn't been a good one for AGES!

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SinisterMister24d ago

Call of Duty has long lost its way. Pitiful and sad.

Welshy23d ago

It had brief respite with MW 2019, which pulled me back in for the first time since BO1, but not even 2 games later and they've already burned that good will with 2 soulless cash grabs.

I only hope MW2 in 2022 can somewhat bring it back round like it's predecessors did, but I'm not holding my breath.

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Traecy24d ago

I'll buy it strictly for the campaign only like I have for past COD games.

0rbital7124d ago

never bought cod for campaign lol, MP only, i will however be giving this shitshow a miss this yr

D3TH_D33LR24d ago

Shows you’re age. Cods campaigns from the very beginning have been pretty entertaining. Used to be people bought expansion packs for the campaign, multiplayer was just an extra

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