Steam Deck FAQ by Valve Answers Some of the Most Important Questions

Curious whether it can run VR games? Can you boot an OS using your SD card? All these and more are answered by Valve's Steam Deck FAQ!

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Atomicjuicer31d ago

Can't wait for this thing! I've been buying up games in the Steam sales in preparation.

excaliburps31d ago

Same. I hope I can get one though/ :D

antikbaka31d ago

hope you got your pre-order, overwise it's gonna be a long wait

blacktiger31d ago

shit never thought of that

Tacoboto31d ago

Multiple OSes can be installed at once and you can even run an OS off SD Card.

So it's even easier than I thought before to have Steam games run their way and still get Windows on for Game Pass

Vits31d ago

Steam OS on the on-board + SD with Windows for Game Pass + SD with Batocera for emulation. That will just be great.

specialguest31d ago

I'm using this primarily for mid tier level games and indie types of games. I'm playing my graphically highend games on my desktop pc

SockeyBoy31d ago

Retroarch got released on Steam too, so this handheld is going to be perfect for me.

godofiron31d ago

Absolutely beautiful. you can keep the main steamOS with all its optimizations for games, and still have the flexibility of booting another OS directly from the SD Card, for specific applications linux might not be able to handle well, or even Xbox Gamepass.

I am absolutely dying to see real world performance from this machine, but it's looking more and more incredible each day.