Respawn Has "Nothing in the Works" When It Comes to Titanfall 3

Respawn Community Coordinator confirms that Titanfall 3 is not in development, and that the studio has "too many games in the works right now."

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Jin_Sakai26d ago

“The studio has too many games in the works right now."

Obviously since they can’t keep Apex servers from disconnects and add more bugs with every update.

Inverno26d ago

Apex is their priority and you all should used to that because no matter how much you complain about it they're just not interested in going back to a game that they can't charge an absurd amount of money for skins.

This a perfect example for my argument against multiple multiplayer games being released so often. People want to play Titanfall 2 cause it's a pretty great online game but the dev already moved on to apex and has no interest in keeping the servers alive. By the logic of many, something new should be better than something old so why not just play Apex? You see now how releasing multiple multiplayer games only screws over the player base of the game that came before?

mch2011uk26d ago

In other words EA don't want it.

Magog26d ago

I finally tried Titanfall 2 after hearing all the hype. It was a 7/10 at best. I would be much happier to hear Sega was working on a new Binary Domain.

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