Marvel’s Avengers cross-play and 5 other improvements we need

Marvel's Avengers has seen plenty of improvements since our initial day one review. However, there's still a way to go - here are 6 improvements we want to see as we head into 2022.

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gamer780423d ago

They had mentioned crossplay a long time ago. I’d love to hear an update on that to be able to play with friends that only have Xbox or playstation

Magog23d ago

If I ever bought this game I would play the campaign then promptly uninstall it.

Darkborn23d ago

It's actually not that bad now. They fixed a lot months ago.

Magog23d ago

I just don't like live service games. I want my games to have a beginning middle and end. Otherwise it just feels like working a second job.

lellkay23d ago

The only improvement would be to let it die and just end it's suffering.

Snakeeater2523d ago

Did the game prevent you to sleep at night ?
Do you wake up hating the dev and gamers who still play if yes, you should stop gaming

lellkay23d ago

Did my comment hurt you?
If it did I'm sorry, mummy bring you a warm milk and cookie before beddy to make it feel better.

jeromeface23d ago

crossplay isn't happening with exclusive heroes involved...

staticall23d ago

Asking for «Marketplace Discounts» in $60 AAA game from gigantic publisher, just pathetic.

How about better story, more bosses, more enemy variety (not only cosmetic, but gameplay-wise too), more heroes, more content, fix bugs, better gameplay, faster updates, for G-d sake. Game was released a year ago, made by 5 companies and it still struggles so much, it's embarassing. And all you ask from them is cross play, more bosses, switch heroes on-the-fly, better customization and discounts in an in-game shop.