The Best Settings for Kena: Bridge of Spirits - A PC Optimisation Guide

Want to know how to get higher framerates in Kena: Bridge of Spirits' PC version. We've analysed all of the game's settings to show you how.

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masterfox25d ago

This is why I effing loved 60 fps in consoles, don't need to mess with graphics setting for that, one of the most annoying things in PC gaming that 99% of the time happens at least for me, is the effing tearing on screen in PC games!, even the lowest visually cheap game I had most of the time mess with the Vsinc, or switch between Full screen or borderless option if available, also in some games switching between borderless and fullscreen messes up your framerate for good!, take for example those Naruto games or Nier Automata(it still a mess graphically), but if we talk about 60 fps in consoles all those issues I mention above are literally gone, ridiculous smooth visuals, not a single spot of tearing on screen and also almost none existent pop up in the horizon, this on my PS5 not sure if the XBox series X has this, not to mention 60 fps in my PS5, all the games has this natural visual effect that makes your game look more appealing not sure how to describe it, and this is something youtube videos can't capture.

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