Deep Silver Fishlabs Is Teasing A Chorus Announcement For Tomorrow

The Outerhaven writes: We could very well get a look at Chorus or ChorVS, the upcoming space combat title that’s been in development by Deep Silver Fishlabs.

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Vengeance113827d ago

That title decision is just so cringe, you can't just out a V where a U should go and assume people will know it's a U. This game will forever be known as CHORVS, which makes no sense.

instantstupor27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

It's become quite a popular thing to do in music. Chvrches, Pvris, et al.

It's a holdover from Latin, when there wasn't the letter U. There was a U sound, but it was represented as V in writing - V doing double duty, sounding like V or U depending on context. It seems to have become trendy to differentiate yourself this way (and I assume makes it way easier to be found via search engine lol).

darthv7227d ago

I was curious about the use of a V but having it pronounced as a "U" and then i am reminded of why the W is called a "double U" even though it should be called a double V. I still see it used in legal settings, like the court house in my area says COVRT on the outside.

Tedakin27d ago

Been waiting for this one.

JayRyu27d ago

Glad to hear some new on this game. It went dark on news for a while.