MoDojo - Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes Review

Chris Buffa writes:

"Hour of Heroes casts you as a soldier in the 101st Airborne during World War II. Armed with your Thompson, M9A1 bazooka and whatever else you can find, you'll take it to the Nazi war machine across three campaigns (Normandy, Ardennes, Tunisia) and 13 missions. Now as a third person shooter, Brothers in Arms is quite enjoyable. You'll run through destroyed towns mowing down Nazis and using that bazooka to blow up houses and a bell tower. Soldiers scream for help, the Nazis shout in German and scenery looks amazing stretched across the iPhone's glorious screen. On the flip side, objects pop into view, the soldiers have ugly jagged edges and there's an enormous kill box (you'll shoot guys without lining them up in your sights), but considering the platform, this is one of the best looking apps you can buy."

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