Cracking open the Sony PlayStation 3

Sony PlayStation 3 in pieces.

See the hardware that makes Sony's $599 console tick.

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DJ5711d ago

"I was honestly amazed at how easy the PlayStation 3 was to disassemble. When compared with the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, the PS3 gave me the least problems. The Wii was the most difficult (I hate Tri-wing screws) and the Xbox 360 was in the middle. Sony seems to have had disassembly in mind when they designed the PS3."

What surprised me is that they have both PS1 and PS2 chipsets on the PS3 motherboard, as well as an additional 128MB of flash memory. The number of power controllers was insane, and the size/blade angle of the cooling fan shows why the PS3 is so quiet and yet manages to keep a relatively low temperature.

techie5711d ago

DJ explain this 128mb flash memory to me. I'm confused...this is on top of the two 256mb's memory...what is flash memory, what does it do?

DJ5711d ago

The PS3 has 630MB of memory. 512 for the system (i.e. game developers to utilize) while the flash memory is supposedly only to store the firmware. Whether developers have access to that flash memory is a total secret, as are most aspects about the system.

Flash Memory isn't as fast as dedicated RAM. The Wii for example has 128MB of flash memory used to store online content and such. Sadly it's no substitute for XDR and GDDR3, but it's still good to have. Storing firmware data on a removable hard drive would be a horrid idea.

techie5711d ago (Edited 5711d ago )

Cool. So I'm guessing the xbox360 has the same, otherwise they wouldn't be able to do firmware updates...

Also because each ps3 has a harddrive - does that mean it can be used for gameplay etc to take steam off the system?

Covenant5711d ago

That's a good start. More, more! :) LOL.

ApocalypseShadow5711d ago

okay.yeah big package.but it's a great system.hope i never have to take mine's got to last at leat 5-10 years like my other sony systems.

Marty83705711d ago

The build quality of the PS3 and its components are second to none.The X360's insides look a complete mess.

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The story is too old to be commented.