Apple Rejects Move to Restore Fortnite iOS on App Store

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney estimates that it could take as long as 5 years for the Fortnite iOS version to return to the Apple App Store.

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Magog34d ago

Fortnite will just be an embarrassing memory by then.

Andrew33634d ago

On what earth will fornite ever be an embarrassing memory? It prints money for them.

Magog34d ago

I meant for anyone who played it.

EvertonFC34d ago

I don't think the people who have made lots of money will say "embarrassing'
What have you achieved?

VerminSC34d ago

I know it’s the popular thing to hate on fornite, but it’s not a bad game.

It’s fun, with tons of updates to keep it fresh. It has one of the most affordable battle passes and skins of any major free to play game. It’s a way for younger people to meet up and go to “virtual concerts” which was nice during this pandemic.

It’s definitely not for everyone but let people enjoy what they want to enjoy without putting them down.

Magog34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Most affordable battle passes? That's like winning a prize for the shiniest turd.

VerminSC34d ago

Magog… the game is free to play. How TF you expect them to make profits on a free to play game?

porkChop34d ago

It's one of the most played and most successful games of all time. There's nothing embarrassing about that.

DarthMarvin33d ago

It's more embarassing for humanity as a whole, where that utter pile of garbage is one of the most successful games of all time.

darthv7233d ago

...and on that note, I wonder what happened with PUBG? It too was pretty popular for a while and then... crickets.

porkChop33d ago

First of all, PUBG was never as popular as Fortnite. Not even close. But PUBG died because the devs refused to fix the game or add content until it was too late. They just wanted to cruise and print money. Fortnite hasn't had that problem. Epic have constantly added in new content, and the game is very well optimized.

darthv7233d ago

^^I agree, continued support is what makes or breaks a game. To be fair though, Fortnite wouldnt be where it is without PUBG. That whole battle royale stuff wasnt what fortnite was initially about. PUBG came along and changed the game and caused many other tiles to adapt to the same BR flavor. Im just surprised it didnt last longer and try to claw back some of what it created.

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SPEAKxTHExTRUTH34d ago ShowReplies(2)
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Sonyslave334d ago

Damn Tim about to lose out on billions of $$$.

VersusDMC34d ago

Possibly can actually remove any epic account. Meaning any game that uses Unreal. They had a court injunction against doing that but the court took it aways as Epic clearly breached contract.

The backlash for doing that would be insane...but apple still has that nuclear option.

Back when this started devs started to look for other engines(origin got a spike in business)and they should keep doing that.

VerminSC34d ago

He should’ve just shut his mouth. It wasn’t financially responsible to go to war with Apple. They’re both just greedy billionaires fussing because they can’t make even more money.
Dude is worth 7 BILLION. More money than most can spend in 1000 lifetimes, and he is trying to call Apple greedy?! You’re both fucking greedy, at least Apple is self aware.

TheDoomedGuy34d ago

The thing about owning a business is .....well it's a business so making money is kinda the whole idea.
No difference to me between a business person who makes billion and one who simply makes thousands.

Both are out for money as that is the whole point of a business.

VerminSC34d ago


Exactly. Be smart about profits and accept how lucky you’ve been. Instead he let greed consume him and now he’s losing out on billions of dollars.

ApocalypseShadow34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

That's a shame Tim./$

You could always build a phone in that time that runs on Unreal Engine. And put your game on it as a pack in.

Didn't PARTNER, want to make a gaming phone? Just pair up with them. They seem to want to take a huge piece of the mobile gaming pie. Where the profits might go from such a phone with Fortnite built in is anyone's guess.(wink)

It's Apple's services you're wanting to be on but you want all the profits without paying. How is that right? I mean, right now, part of your profits goes to that PARTNER, that uses it for questionable behaviors. You want to give them more to play with?

lodossrage34d ago

yeah I mentioned that way back when this whole issue first started.

If Epic feels Apple and Google are so unfair, why not make their own phone? Hell, you know Tencent will have no issue funding that.

And I'm sorry, you can't cry about something being unfair when you signed the contract knowing the rules.

Epic would have had a much better leg to stand on if they didn't ALREADY agree to Apple and/or Google's rules by signing the contract.

Christopher33d ago

With China cutting down on gaming, Tencent isn't going to focus on games on a phone.

Sephiroushin34d ago

They have a mess of a store, I just cant imagine the OS on that phone if they ever make one geeez!

lodossrage34d ago

Did any of you read this part of Sweeney's email he sent?:

""Epic has asked Apple to reactive our Fortnite development account," Sweeney's e-mail read. "Epic promises that it will adhere to Apple's guidelines whenever and wherever we release products on Apple platforms."

"Whether Epic chooses to bring Fortnite back to iOS consumers depends on whether and where Apple updates its guidelines to provide for a level playing field between Apple In-App Purchase and other methods of payment," the e-mail continued."

It's like Epic just wants to continuously poke the bear.

That part of the email is basically saying " We promise to play by the rules, just so long as you make the rules more acceptable to us".

I hate Apple, but if I were them, I'd tell Sweeney and Epic to F*** off

PapaBop34d ago

That's pretty much what Apple did lol while Sweeney has his head so far up his own a$$ that he'll keep fighting his holier than thou crusade for the "little guy"

VerminSC34d ago

It’s hilarious because he acts like he is better than Apple. They are just 2 multi billion dollar companies both wanting more money.

-Foxtrot34d ago

All this, for an IOS version

SavageFlamingo34d ago

I’ll never understand how people can stand playing games like this on a phone.

DarthMarvin33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Or... pretty much anything other than Scrabble and Carcassonne.

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