'Dark Souls'— One of the Most Important Games Of The Last Decade

Despite the difficulty and learning curve, gamers are still flocking to the Dark Souls series, and the genre it spawned, in massive numbers.

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LordoftheCritics34d ago

Umm multiple Souls articles in one day from 1 site?

Is this a promo of some sort?

garos8233d ago

its due to the 10th year anniversary of Dark Souls 1

34d ago
isarai34d ago

I mean, i kinda agree even though it has created an arguably annoying amount of souls-likes. It did come in a time where games were just waaaay too handholdy and weren't presenting any challenge, and reminded the industry that difficulty can be fun too.

Magog34d ago

Um, Demon's Souls was the one that started the sub-genre. Dark souls was simply a new name because Sony owns the Demon's Souls brand.

Zahiar33d ago

I would disagree man, Demon's Souls may have loosely started it, but Dark Souls popularized it.

jznrpg33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

If Demons Souls didn’t do well on PS3 there would be no Dark Souls . It didn’t get any advertising at all and I heard about it from a friend in Japan but when it hit here it kept deli g by word of mouth and sold plywood enough for them to continue on to Dark Souls . If it flopped there would be no Dark Souls and with little advertising it had a chance to flop . Demons Souls started it all , Dark Souls isn’t very different from Demons Souls at all besides world tendency and some names for items and such . Dark Souls is just Demons Souls 2 with different skins and such clearly a continuation of Demons Souls . There’s nothing loose about it

Magog33d ago

Either you didn't play Demon's Souls or you just have no idea what you're talking about. It's practically the same game. It did very well for a niche new IP published on a single platform. Dark Souls wouldn't have sold either if Demon's Souls wasn't already a cult classic by the time it was released.

jznrpg33d ago

Demons Souls is what got me hooked . If it wasn’t for Demons Souls there wouldn’t be any Dark Souls .

Zahiar33d ago

I would still disagree with you friend, Demon's Souls was locked exclusively to the PS3, while Dark Souls was brought cross platform and was given much more room and opportunity to expand it's horizons.
By its own right Demon's Souls is an incredible game, but no where near as popular or genre defining as Dark Souls. It laid the groundwork, but Dark Souls broke all the barriers

oldenjon33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Nothing to disagree with. Dark Souls was essentially a sequel to Demon's Souls, and Dark Souls wouldn't have become popular without it. We're just getting these articles because it's a 10 year anniversary.

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