The Next Nintendo Direct Has Been Announced, Airing Tomorrow

Rebecca writes: "Tune into the upcoming Nintendo Direct for September 2021. Here's the date and time of the Direct and everything you should know."

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Magog25d ago

Another swordsman for Smash Bros?

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Viking_mo24d ago

You triggered some fans here

Levii_9224d ago

It absolutely enrages me whenever i see Smash bros at the direct.. like holy F man. As a Switch owner i'm very disappointed in Nintendo and i don't expect anything from the directs anymore. It's best that way. No expectations.

RaiderNation24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Havent played mine since Luigis Mansion 3 in 2019. The releases since then have been trash.

Neonridr24d ago

who cares if they announce a new character at a direct.

thesoftware73024d ago


why are you so hellbent to flame everything except Sony?

Bro/sis, chill out, it's ok for people to like stuff without you negativity spewing some ridiculous/assanine BS on every non-Sony thread.

You are the empitamy of the worst type of gaming fan, one without purpose, logic, or any real substance to what you say.

The worst part about it is, you seem to find time to comment on every thread that is Not related to something you like..not to be that guy, but do you work? Have a boy/girl-friend? Any other hobbies? Reason I ask is because you spend a lot of time expending energy into things you clearly dislike.

Anyway, I cant wait to see what they show tomorrow..

PhillyDillyDee24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Dude is a clown and the epitome of a shill. Literally commented on near every review post for both Deathloop and Kena recently. If the article relates to any of the 3 consoles he will be in the comments either cheering or jeering.

My best guess is he is a teenager. His arguments and thoughts read like they are coming from a high-schooler at best.

meganick24d ago

Probably something more original, like a swords woman.

Yui_Suzumiya24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I hope Monika gets announced as a playable character 😂 .. She deletes the competition after all

rich378324d ago

I was hoping for someone like Viewtiful Joe.

UnSelf23d ago

they not ready for this.

if they do this ill buy a switch tomorrow. itll be my first nintendo console since snes

Nintentional24d ago

I’d be 100% ok with another Swordsman as long as it’s an iconic one like Chrono or Cloud. Also I mean… Master Chief does have an energy sword, so wouldn’t he be considered a swordsman too? 😜

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Terry_B25d ago

The Fly from Mario Paint as the final Smash Character. Make it happen!

Neonridr25d ago

the mouse from mario paint, lol

NotoriousWhiz24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I'd actually be pretty okay with just a Mario paint port in general. Replace the mouse with gyro + a cursor and I'm good.


Only interested in more BotW news or at least something on Metroid Prime 4 other than that I don't care.

Whoseverleaf24d ago

Agree getting sick of Ninty riding on our money over the years not delivering yet never having game sales etc. Yet if you own a Playstation or Xbox used games eventually become like $15...
What gives ffs

septemberindecember24d ago

It's only going to be focusing on games from now until around March 2022 too. We should be getting a release date or dates for whatever games they have planned after Pokemon Legends Arceus. Hopefully BotW 2 for March 2022, but not counting on it.

If I had to bet, I'm guessing N64 games on NSO and Donkey Kong for 2022 will be mentioned.

TheColbertinator24d ago

Persona 5 Royal for Switch please

pietro121224d ago

They won't announce anything Persona related with MegaTen V just around the corner. A P5 port announcement would take away from that

Yui_Suzumiya24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I'd fall over.. Love it on my PS4 but wouldn't mind it on Switch.. I mean P5 Strikers is available there after all 😁

TheColbertinator24d ago

I want it on Steam more but a Switch version would be good too.

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