Why Pearl Abyss left medieval meadows for a modern metropolis with DokeV

DokeV was one of the most bewildering but also fascinating announcements from Gamescom 2021. From Pearl Abyss, the team behind medieval games such as Black Desert and Crimson Desert, DokeV was a very sharp turn into a contemporary setting for a studio that has only build medieval landscapes before. Now, we have learned a little bit about why the studio decided to build a modern urban playground, instead of their third large countryside landscape.

Speaking in the latest edition of Play magazine, Pearl Abyss founder Kim Dae-il, says the studio has been “working on medieval fantasy games for a long time, but we wanted to try creating a unique experience with DokeV”.

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Yi-Long35d ago

The announcement (actually, there was already a trailer out for the game back in 2019) looked absolutely amazing, so good that many doubt it’s in-game footage, and the city they showed looks gorgeous and lots of fun to traverse around. The prospect of a SP ‘Pokemon’ type of game in that world is very exciting.

Magog35d ago

This game looks dope as hell. Very excited to try it out on PS5 with Dualsense support.