New PlayStation Store Sale "Big in Japan" Now Live, Over 250 Games Discounted (NA)

Sony has launched the new PlayStation Store for week of September 21, and it has over 250 games discounted, and focuses on games developed in Japan.

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whitbyfox26d ago

Still no Sekiro discount. Cheers Activision.

excaliburps26d ago

Acti rarely discounts their games though. COD games are still priced high even if there newer entries out already.

FallenAngel198426d ago

Crash & Spyro frequently go on sale

Inverno26d ago

You're better off buying it physically, it's gone down to 30 I believe. Ever since they slapped the "game of the year edition" sign on it they don't like bringing down the price

Nitrowolf226d ago

Yeah you would be better off buying physical unless of course you only have a digital PS5

26d ago
justadelusion26d ago

was on sale not long ago because i got it on sale on psn

whitbyfox26d ago

Thanks all for the advice.

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