You need no gaming skills for Heavy Rain

Michael Denny, Devolpment Manager Sony, says that you will need no gaming skills when you play Heavy Rain. The game is about making choices and that will be a very interesting thing to do

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PoSTedUP3601d ago

that is really cool, i hope it has a really long good story that has millions of possible outcomes. damn i dunno what i am excited for... heavy rain? uncharted2? kz2 maybe? my wallet will cry again next year (-_-)

chaosatom3601d ago

Innovative is this game is.

UnwanteDreamz3601d ago

My interest in this game has been peaked.

OFF TOPIC: Chaos your comment made me think of a movie. What movie is this quote from? First with a right answer gets bubbles. I just need to know that I am not alone in my nerdness.

"No, Who is this is?"

supahbad3601d ago

OFF TOPIC: your qoute made no sense lol

i would like to play this game

kwyjibo3601d ago

I think he's riffing off Yoda's weird sentence construction (Star Wars).

CommonSense3601d ago

yeah, i know as a gamer, i really look forward to playing games that require no skill.

come on now...

littletad3601d ago

So a game that requires little gaming skill... is innovative? That's a helluva spin there.

And even if it is "innovative" it isn't. I'm thinking more and more this game is something of hotel dusk with real time graphics and lots of qte moments. After all it's been confirmed that a trigger button will be used to control the character in Edge magazine.

ArmrdChaos3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Sounds more like a 3D version of Dragon's Lair. Get to a section...choose an action...then something happens (good/bad). Sorry, not innovative, but this may be a pseudo hard-core game for the casual gamer...could bring some people in (if they drop the price of their console).

Bnet3433601d ago

No skills required for a game? Oh boy ... that sounds like a Wii game to me ...

Dread3601d ago

o o

no skills needed?

this raises some flags.

I am not judging the game mind u. but if this is another point and click adventure then i'll probably pass. Innovation? not so sure.

nevertheless the game still has amazing graphics

SuperM3601d ago

Well i think the point is that what matters is what you choose to do, so its more important to make the right decision then to be skilled. Besides i dont even know if you can actually fail in this game. The game might just continue even though you die.

But from what ive seen you definately need skills to pull of some of the things you want to do. Like escaping the house without getting spotted by the serial killer. But this id say its not skills that are typical gamer skills, its more like something everyone can do, but it still might not be easy. Being good in a shooter isnt going to help you alot when you are trying to sneak out the house. Perhaps being good at MGS will help.

CrazedFiend3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Although I haven't decided yet if i CAN get this game, after reading some of these comments, I just have to say this.

There are a lot of games that require little or no skill in the traditional gaming sense. I'm sure if you took the time to think of some of the mystery, detective or, better yet, puzzle games out there, you can probably come up with your own examples. Does that mean that they're not fun? Don't forget, some of those puzzle games have had mass market success. Just because it doesn't require any gaming skills doesn't mean it's not a game. It'll still be challenging. Quantum will make sure of that.

I think what's catching a lot of you up is you see the action in the demo and the nice graphics and you think "This is an action game!" And if it doesn't play like an action game, then maybe that brings the game down in your eyes. Well, I've got news for you. THIS IS NOT AN ACTION GAME. Please show me one quote where they claimed that it would be. Sure there will be action in it here and there (there's no way I would sit through hours and hours of 'The English Patient'), but an action game it is not. But I can bet it'll still be fun, REGARDLESS of how innovative it actually turns out to be. Just DON'T think of it as being a Resident Evil or Call of Duty game. I always thought of it as a puzzle story game with some ok graphics. To me, that's STILL fun.

Puzzle, mystery, whatever. There are alot of games that game your brain and not your fingers. As a gamer, I can appriciate both. Can't you? If not, no problem. Don't buy it. I don't think any of us should lose any sleep over anyone else's personal decision. But please don't try to convince others that this is somehow not worth their time because of whatever lack of finger-twitch gaming skills it requires.

littletad3601d ago

I don't think anyone precisely said "don't buy this game" or is convincing someone to not purchase. And you are right that some games can reach our peak of interest without even being an action game. In fact the info for this game has been so scarce we hardly know if it is indeed an action game. But judging by the way the game looks and the platform it is on, what do you believe is the target audience? Exactly. So this is a bit of a small shock to hear the game is lacking required skill for a video game. We merely stated our opinions. Nothing more.

Doppy3601d ago

Quit b!tch!ng and go buy Indigo Prophecy and see if you want the game. Indigo Prophecy is on the PS2 cost no more than $15, is made by the same developer, and the developers said Heavy Rain will take everything they learned from Indigo Prophecy and implement it into Heavy Rain.

Indigo Prophecy is a very heavily scripted I'm not saying it's linear (far from it), but it's very very story heavy. It was like an interactive movie, where you play the characters in the movie and decides what happens. And since Heavy Rain is going to offer so much more than Indigo Prophecy, it's safe to say that there will be plenty of ways to approach multiple scenarios.

If you've ever though about what you would do if you were in the same situation as a character in a movie than Heavy Rain is for you.

If you enjoy reading mystery novels than Heavy Rain is for you.

If you like watching TV shows like CSI and the Justice Files than Heavy Rain is for you.

If you ever though about becoming a criminal investigator, detective, or any similar job than Heavy Rain is for you.

But if your an ignorant [email protected]@$$ who doesn't know anything but button combination's, or how to tea bag online and believe that's what make a true gamer than "NO" Heavy Rain is not for you.

A word of advice a true gamer plays all games and decides what he/she likes based upon gaming experience, not because they went out and bought the most expensive system, or because they play the same type of game their entire life.

UnwanteDreamz3600d ago

Dammit you guys must be very young the quote was from Up In Smoke.

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shadowghost7523601d ago

This game looks incredible i cannot wait to try it out

radzy3601d ago

as soon as i saw playability of heavy rain, it fell off my list, but now this?????
metal gear 4 was a movie and heavy rain is about choices, wtf???
but, i cant wait for killzone 2 and god of war 3.

Bon Scott3601d ago

for most PS3 exclusives.

@homo will probably be the most challenging thing yet for you droids.

Citizen Cook3601d ago

Heavey Rain is the ONLY decent matutre next-gen game on your damn blu-ray player!

I want to buy a PS3rd (once they get below £199)for this game ONLY!

You morons with your old gen games in next gen graphics, grow up already and play something innovative for once.

TheHater3601d ago

then can you give me a list of innovative games I can play that isn't on the PS3?

heyheyhey3601d ago

haha you just admitted all exclusive games on the 360 apart from Fable 2 suck ass (especially Halo 3)... by your logic anyway


we have plenty of innovative games thanks :)

thereapersson3601d ago

You idiot. So Halo 3 and Gears of War are mature? What about all the complete morons on the LIVE service? Don't talk about something if you can't back up your own preference.

LarVanian3601d ago

It seems Heavy Rain would appeal to both casual and hardcore now.
I really can't wait to see this game in HD on my 40 inch plasma!

CommonSense3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )


what kinda blind fanboy statement is that? appeals to hardcore? hardcore what? board game players? newspaper readers? public transportation users?

why would a hardcore gamer look forward to a game that requires "no skill"?

EDIT: Sony said "no gaming skills" not me. i'm just quoting them.

littletad3601d ago

You know, I think this will be taken completely out of context. We need a translation. I really doubt this game will require "no skill". Perhaps it will be more approachable...

LarVanian3601d ago

Hardcore gamers who love great stories (Which Heavy Rain will indeed have).
How could you not figure that out? Its only common sense.

xwabbit3601d ago

You would be surprised at how many hardcore gamers play WoW and LBP lol.

Kamikaze1353601d ago

You obviously don't know what you're talking about. I, along with other hardcore gamers are greatly appealed by this game.

CommonSense3600d ago

nah, you're just a fanboy.

you are all sitting here saying "i'm hardcore and i know this game's story will be amazing." so apparently you're a hardcore fortune teller since the game isn't out yet and you're already convinced of how great it is.

i'm in awe of your hardcoreness

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