Genshin Impact Developer MiHoYo Is Facing Major Backlash From Longtime Players

The official Genshin Impact website posted a preview of community events coming to the game for its one-year anniversary. Two of those mentioned are what’s called a “web event”. It’s a type of activity that you do outside of the game, in your web browser. Those are some mini-games that net you easy rewards. At least that’s what they used to be it seems, because they devolved into gambling. In a move that left the player base dumbstruck and confused, one of the events is a raffle.

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Hoaxone84525d ago

Bungie making their playerbase actually pay to have all the anniversary content.

Magog25d ago

The player base that bends over to pay billions for nearly identical characters and grinds for hundreds of hours in nearly identical dungeons to collect thousands of resources? I predict they will lap it up.

Bahamut-Shin25d ago

that's exact reason I quit after a month, there literaly no difference on level 20 stuff to level 100, only bigger number and more particle effects on the same 5-10 mobs, where skill is not even relevant.

any high level player is most likely whale and being F2P player means playing each day for scraps.

antikbaka25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Genshin is a definite step up in f2p game quality, but still in its core it's gacha shite. What else to expect

drizzom25d ago

Yep. You can put as much sprinkles you want on top of poop. But at the end of the day its still poop.

TheColbertinator25d ago

Expected total scumbag practices from gacha

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