Castlevania Advance Collection Listing Leaked Ahead of Official Announcement

Fans are in for quite the treat, as this major reinvigoration of classic Castlevania games for the Nintendo Switch is all set to bring back those moments of vampire-slaying joy and thrill. The bundle at hand also includes the Castlevania Anniversary Collection, which has a multitude of titles included in it.

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FallenAngel198435d ago

I’d be more interested in a collection of the DS Castlevania games

gamingtext202035d ago

Same here, luckily I still have all of them. Portrait of Ruin is up there with Symphony of the Night in my opinion.

Outlawzz34d ago

Yea those were great. The Gameboy ones were pretty good too but the Ds ones really upgraded with the rpg mechanics

Seth_hun34d ago

Pretty sure its coming sooner or later. If i remember correctly,just Dawn of Sorrow used the touchscreen, and that can be bypassed by making the boss pentagrams automatic and the crystal shattering rebind to the right stick.

jznrpg34d ago

If they put it on PS they could could use the touchpad . Hopefully they do

SinisterMister34d ago

Damn. Played Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow a long while back and genuinely enjoyed the experience. Owning a Nintendo Switch, I'll be definitely picking up this collection.

jznrpg34d ago

I hope it’s on PS too but I’ll buy it for my wife no matter what as she only plays Castlevania games and of course I love these games too . I own every Castlevania game ever made in its original form just about , Nintendo , Sega , PS even a Turbo Grafx16 version and all of the handhelds too . This is a must buy for me even if it’s a straight port .

ZeekQuattro34d ago

Should be officially revealed at tomorrow's Direct.


Have all the roms no need to waste $$ yet again. How many times are they going to do this , when they can just release everything they ever made and make one collection. Instead they want to rip people off everytime with these mini collections. This goes for all companies. Sorry but no.

CBaoth34d ago

bit humorous seeing small leech criticizing the bigger ones