10 Action RPGs To Play If You Love Tales of Arise

There are a lot of great Action RPGs out there to play if you love Tales of Arise. Here are some prime examples.

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solideagle33d ago

I was pleasantly surprised by Ys VIII when I played it. It was awesome

zacfoldor33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I also came here to recommend Ys VIII and XBC2. Also, imo, other tales games like Symphonia, Abyss, and Vesperia are varying degrees of great!

zekk32d ago

I may be the odd one out but as much as I enjoyed xbc2 I still prefer xbcx.

GoodGuy0933d ago

Ys games have all always been great. Its just a shame advertisments been bad before ys 8, but im glad its gotten more popular.

Snakeeater2533d ago

If I Love tales of arise I will play it. It’s 40 hours long. After am done, I don’t need a look à like jrpg on ps4 or Xbox

Artharron32d ago

Definitely not curious about why a shoddy game like Code Vein is in there, and where all the other great mentionable are. XP