Tales of Arise - Nude Mod released for Shionne, Rinwell & Ashen

This nude mod for Tales of Arise offers 3D naked models for Shionne, Rinwell, Ashen, and some other characters.

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Knightofelemia32d ago

That didn't take long to come out. I wonder what Namco will do?

blackblades32d ago

Of course people are obsessed with nude characters. I was last like that when I was in middle school. Nude mods are boring rather see sexy outfits and cool designs.

Fntastic32d ago

Imagine being an edgelord thinking you're cool by stating that

Yui_Suzumiya32d ago

I'm 39 and enjoy it more than when I was younger 😂

Blade9232d ago

Cool story story 🙄

blackblades32d ago

You people are so defensive, it's just nude mods nothing special.

32d ago
kayoss32d ago

Whats a bunch of low lives. Is this for PC or consoles only, asking for Science.

TheTrokster32d ago

Yeah, they're a whole bunch of low lives. According to my own research, it's a PC only mod.

TheRealTedCruz32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Yeah yeah.

Only a niche market even partake in this.
I would love to see the numbers for console only players, being they simply don't have access to them.
The PC gamer market tends to be mainly people with actual disposable income. Then just a bunch of kids playing Mincraft, Fortnite, and Apex on the family PC.

Would love to see the numbers of downloads had were this had on console.

KingofBandits32d ago

you realize that Rinwell is people need help

Blade9232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Its a game get over it. Complaining about it isn't gonna stop anything 🤣.

Teflon0232d ago

Doesn't change the fact you're making excuses for a nude mod on a 14 year old character. That's disgusting no matter what excuse you make

pietro121232d ago

Isn't Rinwell 14 years old? Damn people are disgusting

Aphelion8232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

During the Victorian era 14 year olds got married and had kids by the time they were 15. Even in the US the age of consent was 10 to 12 years in various states until the early 19th century and men/boys married teenage girls all the time. Modern sensibilities and laws turned them into to kids. Today even people in 20s are considered kids in the west. However, keep in mind that US laws only apply within US and we cannot judge other people by them. In Japan iirc age of consent is 13 so even though they might look like pedos to Western people sexualising teens, they are acting within their legal boundaries. Just saying, not that I am interested in 14 year olds. These things aren't really absolute and change with era, culture and government laws.

Yui_Suzumiya32d ago

In 30 states the age of consent is 16 .. Actually in most of the world it's primarily 16. Doesn't mean it's morally right but it is what it is. Actually it was 14 in Hawaii when I was stationed there back in 2002.

Yui_Suzumiya32d ago

Someone like me, a 39 year old white male, saying that he likes loli anime girls would be the 1950's equivalent of me saying I liked a gay black man, lol

pietro121231d ago

You're really weird going out your way to defend pedophilia

Servbot4132d ago

I highly highly HIGHLY doubt the kind of person who likes anime 14 year olds would ever want to interact with a real 14 year old, much less lust after one.

Teflon0232d ago

Such a horrible excuse lmao. I doubt. I doubt people are disgusting enough to put effort into making a nude mod for a 14 year old, but here we are...

Blade9232d ago

Nobody gives a shit. As long as it's a game with fictional characters (and some VERY unrealistic looking humans too) then to each their own.

Aphelion8231d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Marrying a teenage girl or finding them attractive is NOT pedophilia. Your grandparents or great-grandparents most likely got married in their teenage just like mine. Does that mean all your ancestors were pedophiles since the age of consent in the US was just 10 in the 19th century?? The fact is that Pedophilia is limited exclusively to prepubescent children. Here is the official definition of Paedophilia according to the tenth edition of the International Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders (ICD-10)

"Paedophilia relates to a specific disorder where there is a preference for sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children. Therefore, it would not usually be the correct description for someone with a sexual preference for under-age teenagers."

If you are having your periods then you are not a kid and medically there is nothing wrong with finding teenage girls attractive. Finding a teenage girl attractive would be called Hebephilia which is not classified as a mental disorder. I am just speaking medical facts.

Yui_Suzumiya31d ago

Exactly.. Finally, someone with intelligence that knows the true definition of pedophilia.

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TheRealTedCruz32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Just here to stream through the comments section. As always, will be nothing but people trashing on PC players like they're all a bunch of pervs, though these mods are made for a very niche audience.

We all know, were it available on console, half the people acting out would be downloading it. More than that tried looking up images since this was posted.

There's a reason this is a console-centric site, and this article blew up fast. :^)

Nakiro32d ago

You sound pretty defensive for this mod.

Blade9232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Hell the ones who are criticizing it are the ones being defensive lmao. Think about it they took time out of their day to click on this article just to say something about when they claim they are not interested in this...

Teflon0232d ago

The title specifically states rinwell, a damn 14 year old kid. If you played the game, you already know that's pretty much a wtf. So coming to call it out isn't weird. Should be detracting such acts. The rest of them is cool if that's what you wanna do. But her specifically nahhh

jznrpg32d ago

He is defending his 2D love leave him alone !

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