Kena: Bridge of Spirits looks gorgeous, struggles to run with 60fps in 4K/Ultra on NVIDIA RTX3080

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a really demanding game as an NVIDIA RTX3080 has trouble running it with 60fps in 4K/Ultra.

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Jin_Sakai35d ago

Then take it off ultra settings. It runs great on PS5.

ProjectVulcan35d ago

I'm sure it runs great on PS5 because the 60FPS mode is less than 70 percent of 4K and the settings are some way below ultra. It also runs great on PC if that is the limit of your target.

You don't need high end hardware for that. As per usual something like a lower midrange two year old 5700XT/RTX2070 matches up to PS5's performance.

Most games that have ultra settings are designed to push cards from another generation away and not the best compromise between fidelity and performance.

Tapani35d ago

You are 100% correct. This runs on 5700xt/rtx2070 PS5 settings exactly as it runs on PS5, or most likely 5-15% faster especially if you up the GPU power budget (limit) and throw in a good OC.

3080 is roughly double the PS5 GPU’s performance, and perhaps closer to an alleged Pro variant. Again, the power budget is much bigger, so an alleged Pro variant would be slower due to 200W/230W limit for the whole system, whereas a 3080 happily goes to 375W or higher if you use MPT. And that is almost double the power for the GPU alone, meaning it will be faster.

I’m still waiting for some drivers and patches for the PC version, both Kena and Deathloop. I’ll buy them on 30% sale later, once they are fully fixed and optimized for PC.

camel_toad35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I only played the first 30 min or so but didn't see any dips at all (to my naked eye at least) on a [email protected] ultra settings. Guessing the dips are just in isolated areas as opposed to common.

Gorgeous game but was pleasantly surprised how easy to pick up but fun the combat was as well. Looks like it might have some fun skill upgrades along the way.

DivineHand12534d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I remember when gaming channels were trying to see what specs matches the ps5 in terms of performance and some came to the conclusion that with the multi platform titles that came out then, it was comparable to the RTX2070.

I am not sure if we should be looking at the graphical capabilities that way since Sony developers seem to be able to do things with Sony consoles that is unbelievable with the hardware they have available. While the technical graphics will never match a graphics card that cost twice as much as the console, the visual fidelity the developers can achieve is outstanding. Not even Digital Foundry could tell what techniques were being used in the Horizon Forbidden West gameplay reveal which could indicate new techniques are being used.

lonewolf1035d ago

An update to the article:

We’ve decided to slightly change the title. The aforementioned tests and screenshots were in DX12. However, DX11 appears to be running by 10fps faster in 4K/Ultra. There are still some drops below 60fps, however, there aren’t any drops to the low-50s anymore. Unfortunately, though, frametimes are better in DX12 than in DX11. In DX11 we noticed some additional micro-stutters. So while framerates are better in DX11, the overall experience is smoother in DX12.

Magog35d ago

The game will exist forever so the ultra settings may be for cards that haven't been released yet.

Father__Merrin35d ago

Why do they always test it on highest pc hardware and not the middle ground

badz14935d ago

the highest is the 3090 though

--Onilink--34d ago

Not really though, 3090 has a ton more memory but to the point where its irrelevant for gaming (more for creation). 3080 before the ti version (which isnt much of an upgrade anyway) was already basically performing mostly the same as a 3090 in many games

Magog35d ago

Also aren't PC users saying native 4K is a waste when DLSS exists?

Father__Merrin34d ago

I prefer 1440p with everything as max as poss. Bumping up higher usually sends gpu usage/sound/temp to the brim

Babadook734d ago (Edited 34d ago )

DLSS does not exists for this game... yet

JustTheFax34d ago

@Babadook7 I bet we will get 4k/120fps if they patch in DLSS!

lonewolf1035d ago

They do test other cards but this article is for 3080, they usually run proper performance tests (diff resolutions and hardware) and publish those.

foker35d ago

It it werent for Eurogamer DF 800% zoom pixel hunting crap saying that it like a totally different religious experience when game has few pixles more or if game dipps few frames every now and then they say it is unplayable,.. We would probably have far more interesting designed games

TheRealTedCruz35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Consoles have been both pushing the idea of "high end" graphics for decades; all the while holding back the progression of graphics for decades.

And you blame one of the only sites that actually break the graphics and performance down to accurate measurements for, somehow, hindering the entire industry...

What a joke.


There are a bunch of pc sites that do better benchmarking than digital foundry. I don't know how any one can take them serious after their gears 5 "test". I guess for console people digital foundry is one of the only sites but it's rather pointless if they are biased to the point it affects their "testing"

Magog35d ago

I agree. So much focus is on resolution when it should be on AI, level design, and stories that can only be told in video games.

Tapani35d ago

I actually agree with you.

But we got what we got, and for what we got I want to game on the top hardware. It actually is a better overall experience when the fps is a stable (not dipping) 60fps in 4K native, and all effects and textures are maxed out. Sure, often dropping a meaningless ultra to high makes sense. Sometimes to Medium even.

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dumahim34d ago

Apparently you're unaware that the DF staff all agree that 4K is unnecessary and would prefer lower res and higher framerates, and they point that out fairly often.

Teflon0234d ago

Yup returnal is 1080p upscale and they didn't cry about it. They more so explained why it made sense to do

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