Sony Fixes PlayStation 4 CBOMB Issue With 9.0 Firmware

In the case of the Sony PS4, the CMOS battery posed a serious threat to the longevity of the console. With the most current PS4 firmware release 9.0, the PlayStation 4 CBOMB issue has finally been fixed.

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Magog24d ago

Looks like the concern trolls will have to find a new topic.

Levii_9224d ago

Hhahaha very nicely said. But in the end this is a good thing, means that Sony listens quite often.

Magog24d ago

They were always going to fix the issue before PSN ever went offline which is likely never given Playstation is the premier brand in gaming.

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DivineHand12523d ago

That is an irresponsible comment to make. Had this been left alone, we may not have found out about it until long after Sony closes PSN for ps4. It is thanks to the outcry that Sony patched this before it became a problem. In the end, gamers won.

Sayai jin23d ago

Most gamers/fans will call out bs that these companies (insert company here) try, except those that shake pom-poms for their beloved company and plastic box. Those people will even defend utter nonsense.

Eonjay23d ago

Yes you are right. Fans voice their opinions and concerns. That's why trolls try to blend in with them.

OB1Biker23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

The rest of your comment is correct but there is nothing ‘irresponsible’ in the comment you replied to. What he said is very true.

AmUnRa24d ago

Yeah, the trolls will find always a way to downplay the Playstation.

Father__Merrin24d ago

Lmao at all them fake concern troll articles. I wish production goes full throttle soon combined with steady flow of games for PS5 it will pull way ahead then it will be back behind the bike shed for the fake concern trolls...

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addictedtochaos24d ago

This is good news. Hopefully they address the PS3 as well.

Magog24d ago

PS2 and PS1 don't have trophies or this fake issue.

23d ago
Rhythmattic23d ago

Of course they dont..... Just throwing a stick in the fire... seemed it works!

Kratos_Kart200724d ago

Are you really bringing up a 15-year-old console?

My Ps3 runs fine..

Sayai jin23d ago

Can attest that. I don't use them anymore, but my launch PS3 and 360 (miracle) both work.

Army_of_Darkness24d ago

Didn't know the my launch ps4 had a longevity threat because of this?!

Eonjay23d ago

You didn't even know and now you don't have to worry about it lol

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The story is too old to be commented.