You can upgrade Death Stranding PS4 to its PS5 Director's Cut for £5

Previously, Sony revealed those looking to upgrade from the PlayStation 4 original to the PlayStation 5 Digital Deluxe Edition would be able to do so at a cost of €10/$10 USD, leaving many to assume a UK equivalent of around £10. However, the official PlayStation UK Twitter feed has now confirmed an upgrade cost of just £5.

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jznrpg30d ago

Nice . They added a lot of stuff that I’m interested in like the jumps and turrets and such

Aloymetal30d ago

Yup, can't wait for Friday!

30d ago
Fluttershy7729d ago

There's a huge list of free upgrades PS4/PS5
But not this game. I'm a bit surprised to see that some of these games are way older than Death Stranding

Hellcat202030d ago

Can't say no to that.
Hell I was willing to pay $30 for the upgrade, it looks fantastic.

generic-user-name29d ago

Yeah, we should get new content for free and Kojima and his employees should work for peanuts.

Darkborn29d ago

Exactly. We expect them to put millions into new content and stuff for free? It's not a GAAS and doesn't have a micro transaction shop. The games you guys need to get into are the ones double dipping.

KillaJamm30d ago

Does anyone know if this also applies to physical copies?

30d ago
ANIALATOR13630d ago

It's an old game now anyway. Probably know they'll struggle to get a lot of people to want to play it again

dbcoops30d ago

Nice way to spin a consumer friendly pricing option.

30d ago
LucasRuinedChildhood30d ago


Spam account made just 1 hour ago as expected.

Pretty sure this is Zmorin18 (banned).

InUrFoxHole30d ago

Let's say it is a spam account. Do you think you should be charged for this?

Sayai jin30d ago

It is still pretty popular.

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The story is too old to be commented.