NACON's MG-X mobile controller allows for Xbox gaming on the go

Windows Report says: "NACON launched the MG-X in Europe today, its first official Xbox controller designed for mobile gaming and perfect for use with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate."

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Vits27d ago

Shame that they went with Bluetooth. The market really need more offerings that use a direct usb connection.

Also €99.90 is a tad too much. Nacon's quality has always being great but this is a ridiculously basic device.

bloodyspasm27d ago

Funny enough: their PR mail said €99.90 and so does the website. but I've seen two local retailers sell the "PRO" version at this price, but the one pictured here at €46.90 --> which is a far more acceptable price ^^

Vits27d ago

That is rather odd. As their own website don't even make mention of the "PRO" model.

But €46.90 is indeed a more acceptable price. Putting it on the same ballpark of most bt controllers.