Activision Blizzard CEO Wants to Make the Company One of the Best, Most Inclusive Places to Work

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick issued another statement today, following the announcement of an SEC investigation into the company.

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Orchard24d ago

Did he attach his resignation to the press release?

RaiderNation24d ago

Best...comment...ever! Lmao!

RaidenBlack23d ago

On the other hand ...
Acti , just make CoD biannual and let Raven do their own thing like they used to do before.

23d ago
Godmars29024d ago

Naw, just a signed request - by him and for him - for a bonus for making the statement.

-Foxtrot23d ago

Wonder if this is because he's being investigated now

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justadelusion24d ago

See how hiring ppl based on wokeness instead of actual talent and resume works out for you..

NeoGamer23224d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Talented people can be inclusive too.

Wokeness is a bully term used by people that don't like or don't think the world needs to be inclusive. I agree that people should be hired on their merits, but their merits are not just talent, it is also how they behave and treat people fairly and respectfully. That is not being "woke". That is hiring the best of the best.

That said, it seems from Activision-Blizzards recent games, monetarization policies, and track record of lawsuits, they are neither hiring woke nor talented people. They seem to be hiring all the greedy idiots.

jambola24d ago

he clearly specified "instead of"
not both, instead of
and no, when you're being hired for a job, your skill sat the job should be the factor, not your color, gender etc

TheDoomedGuy24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Not true about the wokeness term. It is used when there is ample evidence that a priority or advantage was given not based on merit.

Talent is talent. Whether or not it's "inclusive" is irrelevant. The very premise of being more inclusive is racist. There is no greater inclusivity than basing it purely on merit....any other method and you make decisions based on race....which is racist.

As far as blizzards hiring practices. You make it seem like talent is only geared towards good and so are woke people...neither is the case. You can be highly talented and woke and be an evil sob. Lots of evil was done by people with enormous charisma and intelligence.

Sayai jin24d ago

Doomedguy, the fact that equate inclusive with race is telling. Inclusive encompasses religion, gender, race, partisanship, etc. So very predictable.

fitofficial24d ago

If you're hiring "the best of the best" then intangibles like skin color or gender should have no bearing. Hiring should be blind to all of those things.

PrinceAli24d ago


Oh look it's you again spouting absolute nonsense loool! how surprising!

NeoGamer23223d ago (Edited 23d ago )

There is one thing you are all missing. For literally 10's to 100's, and in some cases 1000's of years, the ruling culture have suppressed and ignored other colors, races, religions, gender, etc. as bad and often denied them the same equalities as the ruling culture.

Somehow you magically think that because the ruling culture are now looking at everyone equally, that there is equal opportunity. I am part of that ruling culture of people, but I also understand that if you deny other people even one generation of evolution with the ruling culture, you have set that family back that one generation.

How do you propose that society as it is today makes up for that? There are families for generations that were denied the simple ability to go to school. So now, descendants of those families have a hard time staying in school. Look at how the Taliban are treating women in Afghanistan. etc. If you treat people wrongly for generations then all of a sudden declare, "Every one is on even ground now" that's all you've done. You've done nothing to improve their lives, you are forcing them to find their way in a ruling culture without helping them understand that culture at all.

I recently took in an Iraqi teenager because she was a friend of my daughter's and was physically abused from her family. Her family wouldn't let her out, didn't teach her cooking at all, date any guys, have a bank account, get a driver's license, her family beat her to the point she ended up in hospital, etc. So she is socially inept, she doesn't understand money, she doesn't know the basics of cooking, and is not independent to do things on her own because she was in a shell of her culture that her parents understood from Iraq. It has taken several months just to shift her from that culture to the ruling culture and it will take many more before we fully get her here.

I ask you, if you were in that situation from birth how you would be able to go from zero to part of the ruling culture over night? A lot of these people are eager to learn and adapt but many of them need help, it just doesn't magically happen.

Also, in hiring. I have hired a lot of people. I don't hire based on talent alone. I hire based on talent, personality, and intangibles like eagerness to learn, ability to change, etc. because todays talent is not necessarily the same thing I will require of them tomorrow or the day after. The company can shift direction, change tools they use, change culture, etc. The people I hire need to do all that and know what they are doing.

Bahamut-Shin23d ago

"Somehow you magically think that because the ruling culture are now looking at everyone equally"

yeah if they are looking at your skin color or sexual orientation as the only reasons hiring then you are not think of them as equal like at all, they are looking at them as the charity work, that is patronizing.

you wanna now how to be inclusive? hire by their talent, ¿are talented?
yes = hired
No = bye

but instead we got; oh! are you gay and black? here, let me hire you, you need MY help because I know you can not do it be yourself, look everyone I am such a good person.

that kind of mind set only breeds mediocrity and further hurt that same communities because they will looked down as the charity work for the sake of being "good", in the same way people look down on people who get hired by having powerful friends and family; "he/she is here because his dad said so", "he/she is not qualify for this job but since the boss is his/her friend".

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SimpleSlave24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Ah, yes, the wailing of a racist waste. The original snowflakes.

It's time to realize that most white people are hired because they are white and not because they are talented...So get the fuck outta' here with your hysterical bullshit.

Stop being a racist dumb-ass and stop making excuses for your mediocrity. Buckle up buttercup and taste the rainbow snowflake.

SenorFartCushion24d ago

They’re geeks, that’s why they’re so resentful. Others might be getting attention while they remain having none.

TheDoomedGuy24d ago

It's time to realize that one country isn't the center of the world and your opinion on that country doesn't work with the rest of the world or even reality. People get hired because of talent and ability. You're the one making excuses for mediocrity. If there are more white people employed it's because they were the more qualified candidate. Buckle up buttercup and taste the rainbow snowflake.

SimpleSlave24d ago (Edited 24d ago )


Yeah, keep believing that you racist waste. That's the same argument the KKK and the Far-Reich love to use while at the same time sabotaging the education for the rest of us. Of course you know this because you love to touch yourself to their leaflets.

The reality is that there are more white male incels and rapist mediocrity employed because there is rampant racism and misogyny in the workspace. They love to employ their own since they love promoting racial and gender incest. We know this already so there is no point defending this you basic racist scum. I bet you day dream about hanging out in the Cosby Room too you sad pathetic fuck.

So stop getting hysterical on me and get the fuck outta' here.

By the way, I tasted the rainbow and we comin' for you whiteflake.

Sayai jin24d ago

SimpleSlave, some people choose to see the reality, while others don't. In the US, it has been about race since day numero uno. They have always said that people are hired their talent and ability, given loans, treated fairlyx etc while history and present real world events have proven otherwise. I got into a diacussion with someone that tried to flip the script and said "well people are hired on ther race, black people are hired for their race through affirmative action". I pointed out a studied and documented dact that affirmative action was meant to curve systemic, explicit, implicit, acist hiring practice, but instead it still gave advantage of the currebt majority. It is well documented that white women benefit the nost from affirmatice action, but they tell the lie that it is blacks and hispanics who do.

I let people live in their hate and ignorance as the rap8dly changing demographics in Americs is and will continue to give them a heavy does of reality. whole the rest of us thrive and love, they will remain bitter and ostracized.

CanadianTurtle24d ago

This is honestly the most bizarre shit I've heard in my life. In the games industry, you don't get hired because you're "white." You get hired based on what you can do for the company. The reason lots of whites work in the industry is because whites are the majority of North America. So obviously, you're going to see a disproportionate amount of whites in most industries within America. I swear, you woke people see racism in literally everything. I'm a minority myself, and this woke shit makes all of us look bad. Nobody respects woke culture outside of twitter.

fitofficial24d ago

Well, there it is: the stupidest thing I'll read all day.

artgamer24d ago

I used to work at an Activision Blizzard studio and the one doing the firing is a mediocre white guy who has two minorities running 24/7 damage control on his incredible incompetence while getting 0 credit for it.

So people here can take that "cOmPaNiEs OnLy HiRe ThE bEsT fOr ThE jOb" nonsense and stuff it.

It's not anecdotal either, this happens daily at their studios.

But don't take my word for it. Ask yourself "Who is under investigation from the SEC?" Hint: It aint me

JackBNimble23d ago

Wow , listen to you ... and you're calling people racist?

-Hermit-23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

"It's time to realize that most white people are hired because they are white and not because they are talented"

What a load of bollocks. As for your posts about others being hysterical, your posts are the most hysterical of the lot. You're not right in the head, get some help.

respekanize9123d ago

you again...


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LucasRuinedChildhood24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Lad, your argument is basically "Shouldn't hire women because they'll complain if we sexually harass ​them. lol."

We know that a woman killed herself because of the way she was treated by her male coworkers (look into the details). Alex Afrasiabi is known to have sexually harassed women (he'd have to be pulled off them) in front of colleagues and his suite was nicknamed the "Cosby Suite". He's even in a picture holding a framed picture of Cosby with other male staff.

I've seen this exact comment you've posted before, and you either don't know anything about this case or there's something wrong with you.

Why are you attacking the women in the staff and saying they shouldn't have been hired as if they've something wrong? It's a serious case.

TheDoomedGuy24d ago

Where in his comment does he say that?

CanadianTurtle24d ago

Stop putting words in his mouth, you disingenuous prick. He literally never said that in his comment. If you're going to argue, don't strawman people's arguments like a coward.

LucasRuinedChildhood24d ago (Edited 24d ago )


I'm not putting words in his mouth. He wrote almost exactly the same comment under an article about the lawsuit itself as it was filed:

"how is that forced hiring for the sake of wokeness working out for ya activision?"

He claimed hiring those women ("forced hiring") was a mistake in response to a lawsuit where sexual harassment was at the forefront. He's blaming them instead of the perpetrators.

If you have an alternate explanation, give it a go. 90% of his comments are like this. Resorting to insults like "disingenuous prick" and "coward" is a bit much considering I was right, lad. My comment isn't the one you should be angry about.

NickN24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

You do know the people doing the harassing are of the 4chan lingo variety... Kind of like what you're doing with wOkE, nPc, sOybOy, etc

PrinceAli24d ago

"Wokeness" You dumbasses are a joke! lol

Keltech23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Woke: the new word for "hippie" and/or "swj"

ginganinja23d ago

Just hiring 'actual talent' has led to multiple lawsuits and a federal investigation, so...

Redrex700023d ago

Nah that not even it
it sound good on paper that why
but in private we already know how they
treat their employees that below them

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DarthMarvin24d ago

Bobby Cockit needs to go to prison.

MasterChief362423d ago

Booby Kotick, Bobby Kodick... would have been better, I think.

DarthMarvin22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Heh, Kodick. "Ko (子)" means child in Japanese.

dbcoops24d ago

Inclusion at the cost of qualification.

Knightofelemia24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

If I had the talent and know how to make games EA and Activision would be the very last names on my list to apply to for a job.

PapaBop24d ago

To be honest, most people in games development work for small studios making mobile games, working for EA or Activision would be like winning the lottery for most people. You'd need to have some talent and one hell of a portfolio to turn down such a position.

Knightofelemia24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Sure work for a small studio get bought by EA get closed down and have to look for a new job or get forced to quit by EA. Pretty shitty lottery that is how EA is working for one of Sony's studios would be winning the lottery.

ColtPSSX24d ago


Your scenario is very slim. Like very slim lol
Kind of reaching. If it pays the bills why not work there for awhile.

medman24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

For some people perhaps, but I don't believe for most. The truth is, as it is in many industries, oftentimes the large corporations pay the least, as it is considered a resume builder for many people, who don't want to work in the high pressure environment for long to avoid burnout.

I work in the medical field, and hospitals like Yale, Weill Cornell/NY Presbyterian, Beth Israel Deaconess etc etc often pay less than many smaller hospitals, because the big research hospitals know that getting experience at some of those places is so valuable, because you will see cases and have access to equipment and treatments that you simply won't see at most hospitals. It opens doors to other opportunities, and many of the big game developers function similarly. Put in your time and move on to more lucrative, less stressful/less time demanding opportunities.

frostypants23d ago

LOL. I hope everyone at least agree on this point.