Can the slowest PS5 NVMe upgrade run Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart?

A low-spec solution squares off against the Cerny-approved upgrade.

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Fntastic31d ago

So Sony kind of spouted off BS about Ratchet and Clank needing a fast drive "only possible on ps5"?

Most already know that the biggest thing with game load times is the 4k iops and latency, which Optane still has the highest numbers for on PC. No Gen 3 or Gen 4 nonsense, most drives just push up the large file transfers which is what is displayed on the box, the small 4k file transfers not so much.

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LordoftheCritics31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Lol lets no discuss optane here. It doesnt fit any normal budget.

I'd love an optane to test out for my setup but beyond happy with 980 pro gen 4 and 980 gen3 which I believe will be enough for both consoles for the entire gen.

Yes most ssds will have similar loads due to smaller files loading. Most of these gen4 and gen3 ssd account for speeds with large single files and yes maybe some aspects of the game load but mostly not. I think most nvme ssd will be good enough even the slowest ones in most 3rd party games. For PS5 exclusives we dont really know yet. I'm guessing they'll make it viable for all ssds due to higher consumer reach.

fr0sty31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

This comparison ignores the fact that the internal SSD can be used as a cache. If a chunk of data is loaded onto it, it would dramatically increase the overall bandwidth available vs. just using the slower SSD. PS5's firmware could prioritize the data that gets accessed the most and cache it on the system drive for improved performance.

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Eonjay31d ago

Actually what Richard states is that the Early games for PS5 aren't maxing the potential of the faster drives. He also says it is unreasonable to think they would. This was also stated by Insomniac who stated that drives under the recommend spec could still work with up to a 15% hit to performance for this specific game. This isn't going to be perceptible and in most cases only incurs a single frame penalty.

This drive isn't slow by any stretch of the imagination. They are still clearly much slower at large transfers. This proves that Rachet isn't maxing the SSD throughput. That's the real takeaway. But Insomniac already started this.

The warning though is to get a drive that meets specs because as games take greater advantage of it, eventually you will see Differences beyond just transfer speeds.

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darthv7231d ago

This is actually kind of interesting. I watched a video yesterday of a guy who put the SSD from a Series S into his PS5 and it recognized it but wouldnt get past 13% on the format. I like it when these sites try the weird experiments that us regular folk wouldnt dare attempt (dont want to risk damaging our systems).

blacktiger31d ago

wrong SONY said you need NVME!

MasterChief362430d ago

I pointed this out a while ago and people downvoted me to oblivion. Glad someone else can see the marketing BS.

JustTheFax30d ago

I'm late to the party and missed all the good comments! haha

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darkrider31d ago

Another payed news to try and create controversy. This isn't some magical software that will make the ps5 20 times more powerful. The ssd is 50 to 60% faster then the rivals. Facts.

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Eonjay31d ago

But Richard even addresses that too explaining that the 750 is still better than the XBox SSD. Did I watch a different video than everyone else?

Xbox fans: Sony lied. Truth: they didn't. The PS5 SSD interface with compressor is ungodly fast. Downright overkill for regular games. It's so fast that we don't have any software that can max it out yet.... Whatever that actually means.

PS fans: Richard is hating on the PS5. Truth: he is not. If anything he is showing that currently there is no software that can leverage 9GB/s in a meaningful way.. how much data do you think they are actually loading? The memory is only 16GB in size folks. The real application of such throughput hasn't even been shown.
That's why he encourages sticking to recommend specs.

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DarthMarvin31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

- payed

I know I always want my news to be sealed with tar, lest my ship sinks.

Neonridr31d ago

rivals as in other machines? or other SSD drives for the PS5? The first is a given, the second is fasle.

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Aloymetal31d ago

Ahhh more bs from DG.....Well, at least they have a console with great games to ''test''...

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Destiny108031d ago

Mike Fitzgerald, core technology director, from Insomniac Games

"there’s so much to peel back about the SSD and the I/O around it. We’re just scratching the surface of it"

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porkChop31d ago

Which is why DF still recommends following Sony's guidelines. Even though a slower drive works just fine right now, it might have issues in the future as games take better advantage of SSDs.

Eonjay31d ago

This is the point. Insomniac did not lie. They were very straight forward during their interview with DF. I feel like practical applications of an SSD this fast aren't even here yet.

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