Battlefield 2042 Beta Codes Being Sent out by Amazon, Beta Client Gets Uploaded to Origin API

Amazon has started sending out Battlefield 2042 beta codes to gamers! The beta client has been uploaded to EA's Origin platform as well.

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Father__Merrin24d ago

I'm seriously thinking of getting this over COD but there's no free next gen upgrade and it's £69.99 same as COD

excaliburps24d ago

Have you played the Vanguard beta? If you did, I don't think that even needs to be thought over.
PS: Love the username. LOL!

EvertonFC24d ago

I tried the cod beta absolute awful, then I tried the hells let loose beta which was my number 1 choice yet that was ruined by no combat for 10mins running back to the battleground every time you die so that's a no no so I'm going with bf2042 this time round for shooter fix.

Father__Merrin24d ago

I've had some time with vanguard it feels like cod Ww2 dlc there was just something about it that I don't want to spend 69.99 on if I do get it will be physical so I can sell on. Later

Timzster24d ago

I agree with the Vanguard Beta - give that a try if you haven't. And yes on the Username - The Power of COD compels you!!!

Smok9124d ago

You’ll probably find yourself less tired of FPS by not reading articles about them. Just a thought 🤷

swifty124d ago

I’m really really hoping this BF feels like BF3. Please. I needs.

bestofyou23d ago

so did gamestop, but after entering the code it shows the beta but no option to download it. I searched and tried but after you select it with the code they send it just goes away. No way to download it. this is on PS5.