Insomniac’s Wolverine – What We Want from the Game

Kyle from Gaming Respawn tells of his requirements for the newly announced Wolverine game to be a success.

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Snakeeater2525d ago

That it be release in 2022 and no delays haha but it won’t happen

Darkborn25d ago

I just want insomniac to make their game and not worry about what the gamers want. Have they made a bad game yet? I trust they are capable of making the gameplay and story appropriately.

LucasRuinedChildhood25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

They've only made one particularly bad game but it wasn't really their fault though. They were forced to make it generic (originally called Overwatch).

[EA-published Fuse flashback/PTSD]

My only request for Wolverine is that it's 18+, minimum 15+. I want the claws to do some damage and I want to see the healing factor in action. I think the trailer does hint that it will be a lot more violent than Spider-Man.

Darkborn25d ago

True I forgot about that game. Never played it though. But I do remember them saying in the meetings before wolverine got approved that they pitched a mature version and that's why it got approved. Plus they said they are going to make it much more mature than spiderman. Idk if it'll be 18+ though, it's hard for media to do that stuff because it limits sales.

Yi-Long25d ago

I’d like the game, and gameplay, to be set up a bit like Ninja Gaiden Black (or Splinter Cell Blacklist, or Hitman, etc etc), so individual locations you visit through the story. That means you could have it start off in the snowy cold scenery of Canada or Northern USA states, before the story takes Logan to locations like Madripoor and Japan, both places where the character has a lot of history, with their own villains and friends for Logan to battle or team-up with.

The comics even had Wolverine team-up with Punisher when they took on some illegal big game hunters in Africa (I believe). There are a lot of good locations for the developers to pick from considering Wolverine’s age and backstory. They could even pick an era in the past to really bring us something original. Jim Lee once did a story where Wolverine teamed up with Cap America during WW2 against The Hand and Nazis. A story set in the 60’ or 70’s would also be cool, if that means seeing a Madripoor (fictional country, but based on Singapore and perhaps to a lesser extent Hong Kong) or Japan in that day and age.


Please do real-time damage and regeneration for Logan. We want to see his heart exposed briefly, we want the eye to regrow differently than skin. We want his claws slide inside his arms when his forearms are blown away.

I think we all want Wolverine’s regeneration to be captured as faithfully as Spider-Man’s swing.