Gran Turismo 7: Pre-order items and 25th Anniversary Edition detailed

The Real Driving Simulator returns March 4, 2022.

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Flawlessmic30d ago

Was hoping for a bit more to honest out of the special edition, this usually one of the few games that i actually buy them for.

locomorales30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

It's a downgraded special edition from the older ones indeed. I was expecting a miniature car as always.

Flawlessmic30d ago

Atleast give me a new gt key chain to stick on my car keys lol

But yea steo down from the others, looks like ill be buying digital, no real reason for the retail one

Dee_9129d ago (Edited 29d ago )

they should be announcing more preorders packs / editions later. I think they always show the base game and steel books first and then the collectors edition.. which hopefully has some physical goodies with it
ive been buying collectors edition since gt5.

AmUnRa29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I still have the best one, in my eyes....the PS3 edition of GT5 signature edition.

A metal chase in Mercerdes Black, orange mercedes SLS AMG miniature car, the game and the GT excl magazine Apex, a book about the GT history, a leather wallet with a GT logo on it, a memory stick with the GT logo, a steal GT key chain. Al in mint condition, now THAT was special edition

ocelot0730d ago

I hope the PS4 digital code can be given away in the 25th anniversary. I have a PS5 and I want the 25th anniversary edition. But don't need the PS4 code. I'm hoping I can give it to my girlfriend and she can play the PS4 version or allow her to pay £10 and get the PS5 version.

locomorales30d ago

You need a PS5 to redeem the PS4 code into your account.

Neonridr29d ago

so PS4 owners can't purchase this version and use the code if they don't have a PS5 first? Interesting logic there..

ocelot0729d ago

Where have you heard this? How the hell do PS4 owners play it if they get this version.

Magog30d ago

The only driving series worth playing. The physics are real enough to be convincing but not punishing like a PC sim.

medman30d ago

C'mon certainly must have not played any others, because there are several good driving series on the market.

Magog29d ago

No other series has the attention to detail or amazingly designed original tracks of GT the Real Driving Simulator.

Muigi29d ago

I just wish you could motor swap like Forza and you know…real racing teams.

dumahim29d ago

What racing teams do motor swaps?

Muigi29d ago

@dumahim i.e LS swapped Rx7s, civic hatch’s with k20/24 swaps, 1JZ swapped IS300, SR20 swapped 240s etc. You can find swapped cars all time at time attacks, drifts, rally’s. Have you not?

Aloymetal29d ago

Real racing teams have the GT logo in their cars not Forzas;)
Just because it gets good reviews here in the U.S. does not mean is the most popular and the most successful racing game around the WORLD like GT is.

Muigi29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

@sin7279 Been to a drift event? Been to a time attack? Drag race on a actual track? In real life? You will see many cars that are swapped bro lol wym. If we’re talking actual car culture and authenticity which GT strives for that part of the car culture should be in it too.

dumahim29d ago


You've listed some situations people have swapped engines, but not mentioned any racing teams who do so.
LS swapped Rx7s, civic hatch’s with k20/24 swaps, 1JZ swapped IS300, SR20 swapped 240s are not racing teams. Also, I'm pretty sure Forza doesn't allow cross-manufacturer engine swaps either, so no LS swapped RX-7s there either.
GT is about racing simulation and focuses heavily on the professional side of it. Time attacks, drifting, and rallies (not WRC) are pretty low on the professional racing totem pole.

Muigi29d ago (Edited 29d ago )


Look up any team in Formula Drift, GTA Pro Unlimited Class, or the Super GT league where this is all common. Yes the events might be low on the totem pole professionally but it’s still a thing. Yes there are certain parameters around what you can and can’t do, but GT literally has drifting and time attack in the game.

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Neonridr29d ago

There are so many good driving games out there, please tell me you aren't this close-minded.

mikey1529d ago

Neonridr17h ago
There are so many good driving games out there, please tell me you aren't this close-minded.***

Care to name them?? Bearing in mind of course that Codemasters EGO engine

***Ego is a modified version of the Neon game engine that was used in Colin McRae: Dirt and was developed by Codemasters and Sony Computer Entertainment using Sony Computer Entertainment's PhyreEngine cross-platform graphics engine.[1] The Ego engine was developed to render more detailed damage and physics as well as render large-scale environments.[2]***

is based on Sonys FREE PhyreEngine, the same one that Spiders use for their SILK Engine

2013 Mars: War Logs PC, PSN, XLA Focus Home Interactive
2014 Bound by Flame PC, PS3, PS4, X360 Focus Home Interactive
2016 The Technomancer PC, PS4, XOne Focus Home Interactive
2019 GreedFall PC, PS4, XOne, PS5, XSX Focus Home Interactive
2022 Steelrising PC, PS5, XSX Nacon***

And Nintendo is using

Dragon Quest Builders was natively developed on PhyreEngine, so perhaps this is not as big a surprise as it should be. PhyreEngine is compatible with other platforms such as Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, and even Android and iOS. However, Dragon Quest Builders seems to be the first Nintendo Switch game to confirm PhyreEngine support.

Other games coming to Nintendo Switch that use PhyreEngine include Falcom’s Ys VIII. Well known titles such as Falcom’s Trails of Cold Steel series and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster were also developed on the same game engine.
for the Switch.***

the Switch to get Japanese RPGs???

It was designed for the PS3. Its the Engine which spawned the Souls series awa Flower, Journey, Savage Moon, Broken Swan etc. Works on every device under the sun..

***PhyreEngine is a free to use game engine from Sony Interactive Entertainment, compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation VR, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows (for OpenGL and DirectX 11), Google Android and Apple iOS.[1] PhyreEngine has been adopted by several game studios and has been used in over 200 published titles.[1]***

was designed for general purpose multi-plat games.. Gran Turismo is 1 console, 1 engine based on Driving SIMULATION.

Neonridr28d ago

@mikey15 - I had a stroke trying to read all that.

Forza, Project Cars, Dirt, Gran Turismo, Drive Club (I know it's over now) are a few off the top of my head.

mikey1528d ago

Neonridr9h ago
@mikey15 - I had a stroke trying to read all that.***

Well, get your mummy [or carer] to read this out to you, in between sleepy-by-bo naps. Education doesn't hurt son.

***Forza, Project Cars, Dirt, Gran Turismo, Drive Club (I know it's over now) are a few off the top of my head.***

As I pointed out Dirt/ F1 etc are all written using Sony's PhyreEngine, a generalised Engine, not specifically made for racing. Forza/Project cars aren't in the same league as Gran Turismo, where fans have "road tested" cars ala the GT By Citroen in GT 5 Prologue, before it was released into the real world.

Also Kazunori Yamauchi in the PS 3 generation, started GT Academy each year, where the winner got a position with Nismo [Nissan Motorsport] and continually went from 4years, down to 1 year, where the winner of GT Academy went from bedroom gamer

to racing at Le Mans. You can't be that pig-ignorant so as not to know about that surely.

Every car in GT Sport has been checked by the FIA.. Do you even know who they are kid?? GT Sport

was the first racing game to be accepted by the Olympic Commitee as part of the new Olympic VR Series [not actually VR].

Forza isn't even in the running. Despite being released the same month [oct 2017] as GT Sport, MS has already delisted that crap, even though here...

we have the director of Forza 7, bragging about a new 6 year Partnership with Porsche... 2 years later, we had an ACTUAL Porsche external design director

announcing their partnership with GT Sport not at some kiddie gaming event, but at Frankfurt international motorshow. One of the cars was the Living Legend, which is one of the 3 FREE cars given away with all GT 7 versions.

.Forza sheep would have been in their rights to expect Forza 7 to be supported until 2023, based on the E3 2017 BS.. But they dumped it, leaving no "serious" track racing game to be available over the Xmas period.. PS 4/5 still has GT Sport up until [and beyond March 2022].. XB has nothing but a crappy "open world" arcade racer, where the world consists of Mexico.

Driveclub also shows the cheap-a*sed BS of MS.. Driveclub released in 2014.. Codemasters took over Evolution in Apr 2016... They laid them off

July 2018... Sony didn't delist Drive Club
***Sony under fire for delisting Driveclub a day before it said it would
Brake early.

News by Wesley Yin-Poole, Editor
Updated on 31 August 2019***

Until Aug 2019, then Sony came under fire for delisting 1 DAY earlier than stated. That little troll is the difference between TRUE racing fans on PS and the apathetic losers on XB.

mikey1527d ago

Neonridr15h ago
@mikey15 - yeah, no.***

Wow.. Well can't argue with an intelligent response like that.

Mario bad.. m'kay.


Neonridr27d ago

@mikey15 - believe whatever you want in that head of yours. Lots of great racing games out there, to say that GT is the ONLY game is ridiculous. Sell yourself however you need to though.

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Aloymetal30d ago

Done! just like HFW... First half of next yr's gonna be great. Can't wait.

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