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This Zelda-meets-Pixar game is a good first effort, but plays it too safe.

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Nyxus26d ago

I mean, that can be said for so many games...

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solideagle26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

can be said for every big franchise/sequel:

- Battlefield
- Halo
- Uncharted
- Ubisoft games
- Insert any sequel

If he/she is coming from original new IP then it's tough to create something very original. Even the big companies don't take the risk and remember this is an indie game which is almost half the price of $70 game.

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AKS26d ago

How many of the games we get these days are multiple sequels? Talk about games we've played before...

It's a remarkable effort for their very first game, and the obvious expertise they have in artistry and presentation was exceptional.

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SyntheticForm25d ago

It's a solid game, but it isn't anything remarkable in my opinion. The visuals and effects are all great and the art is great, and the gameplay is fine.

I'd give it an 8 myself and I personally don't understand the 10s. Like others may say, I reserve tens for something truly remarkable overall and I'm not getting that from Kena. This isn't a game I'll platinum out of love or anything.

I agree that Kena plays it very safe as well.

Army_of_Darkness25d ago

Exactly. Games do not have to be new and innovative to be good! It doesn't mean that this game can't be fun in gameplay, awesome graphics and well made all around. I don't think games should get points docked just because it's not original, otherwise COD(and a bunch of other titles) would be way below 5 by now. Enjoy the game for what it is.

TheEroica25d ago

You guys are funny trying to turn a 6 into a 10.

KyRo25d ago

Every game is a mish-mash of previous games before it these days. To call out one game when every game, even more so in the AAA side of things, is wrong. No game would ever be a 10 again if every game got docked points for being influenced by other games. Awful review even if some of the things raised are true.

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neomahi26d ago

Actually, you havent. This is DISNEY style OCD animation that only a real animator would get. The facial animation alone in the most subtle nuances like a simple smile on Kenas face, no, you havent played a game like this with this level of visual quality, my only regret right now is that Im having to play this on a 32" 720 (1080p) display while my 4K display sits in a storage unit.

Call of Duty of the same first-person shooter every year, recycled and gets rave reviews. How many Souls games are made? Many games ripped off the Gears of War formula? There are genres, this game fits into a genre and, thus, plays like that genre but is still a totally unique experience.

This could be one of those hidden gems that one day skyrockets in price, Ive already played into it and its worth the buy and the play, even if just from the visual experience alone. Ive said it before and will say it again, Ember Labs is an acquisition Sony shouldve been working on at the announcement of the PS5 or even before. Thats Sony Pictures Animation quality in gaming that would be humiliating to lose to Microsoft or Nintendo.

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Mr_Luke26d ago

@everyone replying with "rage" to neomahi opinion

Do you see how ridiculous you are? The reviewer has his opinion and a gamer can't? And if you hate that so much, why are you giving opinions about his opinion?
When someone says "xxx fanboys are the worse" gets the crown of worse fanboy, whoever he's referring to.

sinspirit26d ago

Apparently, typing one longer comment trying to add to real discussion and share an opinion is raging. But, multiple fanboys leaving several individual comments that add up to a couple paragraphs themselves isn't.

Not to mention how they're obsessed with always constantly trying to find moments to say "fanboys" this and that like they aren't hypocrites. It's sad.

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AirJohnston25d ago

I’ve been interested in this game since day 1 but lol, we’re calling this the most visually impressive game of all time? We’ve never played a game with this level of visual detail? The hyperbole is always insane in comment sections here

Outside_ofthe_Box25d ago

He never said any of that. You guys literally make up your own narratives.

TheOptimist25d ago

But, a game is not judged purely on its animation/visual quality (?)

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Magog26d ago

The haters have found their angle and are doubling down on it. If the game was made by Nintendo and had Zelda in the title it would be getting 11/10s.

Neonridr26d ago

just play the game and decide for yourself. If there are people who don't love Zelda games, then not everyone is going to love this game.

Darkborn26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

We did. It's an amazing game that's why we're defending it. He's right though, as well as others. It actually has features I haven't really seen before and my ps5 has over 400 games in the library and my steam account has like 300. This game is a gem.

Edit* so in essence this game I have not played before, so the reviewer is lying. Kidding but still. The low reviews are people who probably played 10 minutes.

dbcoops26d ago

Thanks for the advice, I am playing it and I've decided the negative aspects of this review are complete BS.

TheDoomedGuy26d ago

Yeah and I've never seen something compared to Zelda and Pixar be so

If you're gonna dunk points at least don't compare it to great IP and studios.

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NeoGamer23225d ago

Instead we have a bunch of people defending a game they probably haven't played yet.

I wanna see more reviews and gameplay assessments.

Ausbo25d ago

Spot on. No title is more overrated than Zelda

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Good-Smurf26d ago

I wonder why they won't say this to COD.

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