Kena: Bridge of Spirits Review | Push Square: Gorgeous Adventure with an Old-School Approach

Stephan Tailby - "Despite borrowing from all manner of modern hits, Kena: Bridge of Spirits just about stands on its own. The wonderful visuals and music leave a strong impression, while the gameplay is simple but enjoyable. If its story went beyond the expected, and one or two small issues were scrubbed away, this would be a real winner. As it is, this is a solid action platformer with lots of personality, and a strong debut from Ember Lab."

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Magog33d ago

Is it old school or does it borrow from a number of modern hits. The author seems very confused.

dbcoops33d ago

Honestly I dont mind the old school reference, that's a far more complementary way to see it than the reviewers spouting the "you've played this game before" BS. No one should have any issue with an old school vibe since people love back compat so much so they can play those old school games.

Magog33d ago

Old School games were never this polished. Most of them didn't even have moving mouths on the character models.

dbcoops33d ago

I think its more about an over feel than specific details. I remember a game called The Mark of Kri when I was younger and this game gives me the old school vibe of that game but with as you say much more current gen polish.

LordoftheCritics33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

A game can have the latest and greatest tech and still be old school in its structure and feel.