Deathloop takes No.1 in dominant week for PS5 | UK Boxed Charts

Overall, it was a big week for PS5, driven by an influx of new hardware coming to retailers. Spider-Man: Miles Morales jumped 223% in sales, rising from No.13 to No.2. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart re-entered the charts at No.4 after a 630% sales spike, while Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut is up 13 places to No.6 after a 233% sales rise.

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DeadSilence24d ago

Big Week for Ps5, I guess haters need to understand those words in depth because it's gonna be a long ass generation of full domination 🐐

Neonridr24d ago

are you a kid? Or do you actually talk like this in person?

bouzebbal24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

A Bethesda game.. ROFL

Neonridr24d ago

@bouzebbal - sorry? was that a response to me?

bouzebbal24d ago

How could that be an answer to what you wrote? It was an answer to the title

Neonridr24d ago

@bouzebbal - I dunno, you replied to me directly.

-Hermit-24d ago

No way do they talk like this in person, because everybody would rightly laugh at them.

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alb189924d ago

Excited with this Bethesda game, I feel you. Try it now and then you'll understand what you are missing when Deathloop 2 is out jajaja!

alb189924d ago

You guys should try have both consoles an stop the hate.
I like to play around with the ps fanboys mind sometimes but at the end I'm just a gamer happy to be alive on this moment of history and enjoy everything.

Silly gameAr23d ago

Sure, man. Try that happy go lucky neutral stuff with someone that's doesn't know any better. People that have been around enough know how you really are. At least be honest. People who pretend are worse than any fanboy on this site.

alb189923d ago

Silly gamer, relax you guys are always so tense jajajaja!

Silly gameAr23d ago

I'm not tense at all. Just calling you what you are, bud.

alb189923d ago

Silly, I don't pretend to be imparcial. I'm always defending MS on an ps fanboys page so is obvious that I did choose a side.
But I always buy both consoles and enjoy both worlds. It is just that fanboys pretend to make from MS a demon and that my friend makes me take a side because is the most stupid proposal and without justify argument.
Both, SONY and MS are just making business. Both are trying hard to get the most of us, that's it.
MS is finally in the right direction as i see things but fanboys won't accept it.

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-Foxtrot24d ago

Deathloop is a blast to play so I’m glad

Neonridr24d ago

I haven't had a chance to try it out yet but I'm looking forward to it.

NeoGamer23224d ago

I am just glad we are seeing a new IP at the top of the charts for once. It is really sad when new good IPs release yet they don't climb and live at the top of the charts.

It is really disappointing to see a bunch of sequels and re-released games near the top of charts. Nice to see a breath of fresh air at the top.

Neonridr24d ago

if they are good games, then why do you care if they chart high?

NeoGamer23224d ago

Because I want great new games and great new IPs.

All this does is send a message to publishers to milk and re-milk what they have already put out.

badz14923d ago


you seriously asking that?

CaptainHenry91624d ago

Bugthesda especially on the PC version

camel_toad24d ago

I've actually had zero problems with the game but I guess that makes me a lucky one.

CaptainHenry91624d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I guess me and some steam players weren't the lucky ones. It's still playable, though

camel_toad24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I don't doubt it. I loved Dishonored 1 n 2 but I will never forget the awful launch. I couldn't reliably play it until it was patched again for at least a week or 2 I think, maybe longer.

solideagle24d ago

hopefully, next week Kena will be number 1. let's see

Nyxus24d ago

Unfortunately these charts only count the physical sales, so it won't be in there.

badz14923d ago

Kena has no physical launch until the end of the year at least

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medman24d ago

Glad to see Deathloop finding success, and it's also very good to see more gamers who have been wanting a ps5 for months actually getting their hands on the console. 2022 should be an incredible year for console gaming on ps5 (and series x)....the more the merrier.

Good-Smurf24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

And this is even without stable stocked hardware.
We just gone through 9th PS5 pre order event here and it sold out in seconds as usual.
I also hope Kena sells well too.

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