Bargain Bin: JRPG Edition

This week, the TGR Bargain Bin is stuffed with a pair of solid and lengthy JRPGs for gamers to kick back and relax with.

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italianbreadman3599d ago

I am very interested in Lost Odyssey. It seems, like the article says, epic. Eternal Sonata was alright, but that button-mashing combat

cain1413599d ago

Lost Odyssey is great. Some serious bang for your buck with that one.

ihaten4glol3599d ago

Picking up Lost Odyssey this Friday! ^_^

ihaten4glol3599d ago

Excellent choices. I'm about to buy Lost Odyssey, actually. Another great choice is Persona 3 FES, because I clocked in at over 200 hours on the original Persona 3, and now you can get the extended FES for $29.99.