Kena: Bridge of Spirits Is a Visual Paradigm Shift Like Super Mario 64

Ember Lab's Kena: Bridge of Spirits on PlayStation 5 is a paradigm shift of awe-inspiring beautiful visuals, like Super Mario 64 before it.

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Jin_Sakai24d ago

Another great review. Keep ‘em coming!

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dbcoops24d ago

100% people are really loving this amazing game.

SenorFartCushion24d ago

Ok calm down, you sound like you work for the company and are trying to advertise in comment sections

dbcoops24d ago


No I dont think I will calm down, you sound like a hater that's mad people are really enjoy a great game. I wish I worked for Ember Labs that would be awesome.

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Magog24d ago

Mario 64 wasn't the first 3Dgame and the visuals were meh at best. Everything on N64 was smeary and blurry.

Fntastic24d ago

At the time compared to what else was around it was a jump in visuals though. It certainly did look even more special when i first emulated it in 1999 on the Corn emulator running at even higher resolution and full speed too.

Popsicle24d ago

Mario 64 may not be as impressive now, but at the time of release in the 90s I do not remember a game that did 3D better. Mario 64 was a game changer. The reflective metal Mario blew my mind the first time I saw it.

NickN24d ago

Basically every modern 3D platformer from Banjo Kazooie, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, plus Spyro and everything in between–borrowed heavily on the foundation that was Mario 64.

Nothing like it will be released that literally changes the game (pun intended), ever again. And to think the person who made Minecraft is worth more than Shigeru Miyamoto.

Magog24d ago

Lemmings 3D did it first. VR games are 10 times the revolution of 2D to 3D games. With VR you aren't just watching a character on a screen you enter the game world and can become the character. That's truly the biggest leap gaming will ever see.

iplay1up224d ago

Mario 64, was an amazing leap. It was the first semi open world game. Unless you are over 35, you probably didn't experience it, on the N64 when it initially released. It still looks good, on 3D All Stars at 1080p.

Magog24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Tomb Raider came out within a month of it in the US and was superior in just about every way.

LucasRuinedChildhood24d ago

You could be born in the 90s and still have played it when it came out. You don't need to be born before 1986 (10/11+ years old depending on the region) to have played it near launch.

carrotcakeag24d ago

Yeah SM64 is probably the best example ever of a jump in graphics that blew everyone away at the time and probably can never be beaten. It's the ultimate console launch title. To see a better looking game in 1996 you had to go to the arcades, but SM64 still felt like a new kind of game with the 3D exploration and free camera control. I think it's fair to say the N64 was the most high-tech console Nintendo ever released (for its time) with industry experts mostly saying that the tech they used was still a little premature to be put in a home console at that time. It was powerful enough to do 4-player splitscreen in 3D games which was another first, but the pace of tech was so fast in the 90s that it was soon outgunned by Sega Dreamcast.

iplay1up224d ago (Edited 24d ago )

@Magog The OG Tomb Raider was not an open world concept. It was linear. Also go back and look at some of that gameplay. Mario 64 aged MUCH BETTER. Mario 64 hands down, even without a resolution boost aged and still looks and plays better. The OG Tomb Raider was on the OG 32 bit Playstation. The N64 had way more processing power.

Just go and look at the OG Tomb Raider videos, and compare them to Mario 64! Mario 64 is the one that is vastly superior.

LucasRuinedChildhood24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Tbh, the jump in graphics in PS2/Xbox/GC games and PS3/360 games was still huge and they still brought paradigm shifts.

Most PS1/N64 games aged very rapidly in a way that future generations of games did not. MGS1 aged well, for example, but more camera-dependent games like Tomb Raider had more issues because certain ideas needed better technology and more years to mature.

Games like GTA 3 and MGS2 were mindblowing. Games had suddenly become something so much more than what they were before.

Almost any random PS3 or 360 game was mindblowing because the jump in graphics was so big across the board. "That looks like real life!" lol

zacfoldor24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Mario 64 was a masterpiece for its time, and it is still fun today. It brought 2D gaming to 3D even if it wasn't technically the first 3D game, it proved the concept had unlimited potential. Unbelievable how well Nintendo handled the 2D-3D transition, brought gameplay forward 10 years.

SeTTriP24d ago

You have to be joking?and to compare this game in that way to Mario 64 is extreme.

Not even close.

FortWaba24d ago

Spoken like a true child who obviously was too young or wasn't even born yet to fully comprehend the impact of Mario 64.

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thesoftware73024d ago

So does this look better than R&C:RA?

cluclap24d ago

In some ways yes. In others no. They both are packed with detail. Regardless if you have a 4k hdr tv you can't lose either way. Both are excellent uses of ps5 hardwarr

thesoftware73024d ago

I just looked again, and you are correct, I kind like the art style in Kena a bit more, but R&C seems like it might have more tech being used.

Good time to be a gamer, I'll get Kena this weekend.

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