Far Cry 6 Tech Q&A - Ray Tracing, FSR Only on PC; SSDs Are the Most Impressive Next-Gen Feature

Wccftech recently interviewed Ubisoft's 3D Team Lead Programmer Stephanie Brenham to discuss the main tech features of Far Cry 6.

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Magog70d ago

Lazy port. Looks like a last gen game all around. Far Cry is the worst Ubi franchise.

IcedOmega1370d ago

started going downhill after 3

slowgamer70d ago

I think 5 was good but hated new dawn.

70d ago Replies(1)

Name ONE other open world game that runs at 60fps on consoles that looks this good with a map this large. I'll wait.

Magog70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Why does it matter how big the map is? It's not like it's loading the whole thing at once. Horizon Zero Dawn, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, AC Odyssey, Watchdogs all look better.


It obviously matters. It's much easier to make a smaller open world look pretty.

CantThinkOfAUsername69d ago

Environmentally it looks good, but lighting, character models and visual effects look quite dated.


I agree that the character models look dated, but they don't look "bad" by any means. Won't stop me from enjoying the game personally.

69d ago
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Profchaos68d ago

I was 110% sure that I was going to pick this up day 1 on ps5 now I'm.not so sure.

The PC tech trailer shows what the game is truely capable of and ps5 targeting 4k 60 to me personally feels like to much of a feature loss.

We know that AMD FX tech is capable on the ps5 ubi didn't even try to bring some of that next gen flavour to its console version.

Seriously not all gamers are 4k obsessed I'm very happy with 1440 30 with rtx or use insomniac as an example I played both miles Morales and ratchet with ray tracing performance mode which was more like 1080 60 with ray tracing and it was the perfecode for me.

This a lazy ubi I'm reconsidering giving my money up for lazy especially when deathloop just released and was universally praised maybe I'll get that instead and buy the PC version of far cry when it's at bargain prices.