Battlefield 2042: Should We Be Worried About the Delay?

Battlefield 2042: Should We Be Worried About the Delay? MP1st dives a little bit deeper and figure out what's really worrying regarding EA's announcement, and it's not the delay exactly but something else.

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isarai29d ago

Unless you want more Cyberpunk 2077 situations, stop demonizing delays.

LordoftheCritics29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Stop normalizing delays?

Look around. If this was a one time or two time thing even a 5th time thing, fine. Gamer's have been through the ringer with poor launches and incessant delays. I think there's nothing wrong with being wary of a negative pattern. In fact that particular ability helps humans survive.

Bad alpha/beta patterns are beginning to reveal themselves.

Teflon0228d ago

It's 1 delay of 1 month bruhhh

Smok9129d ago (Edited 29d ago )

It’s interesting how times change. 10 years ago delays lead to quality games more than we’ve seen in recent years. For me it’s more worrying now than it was years ago, but I also see each situation independently.

LordoftheCritics28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


''It's 1 delay of 1 month bruhhh''

Yup it is. And then it will fixed over the next year as we beta test it. That's the norm. ''Norm'' is what I am hating on.

I'm skeptical coz I buy launch titles very often and have been burned equally often. Lately I'm cautious.

Snakeeater2528d ago

Cyberpunk was delayed a couples of times
It’s just called bad development and poor planification

Jin_Sakai28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

“Unless you want more Cyberpunk 2077 situations, stop demonizing delays.”

A delayed games isn’t always a good game either. You just never know until you get your hands on it.

Rachel_Alucard28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Cyberpunk got delayed 4 times and still came out in the state it was. Delays don't magically make the game good. That's a way out of date Miyamoto quote that doesn't work in todays industry and especially in an industry that generally lacks talented leadership. Nintendo can delay fine because you know they have good talent behind them. But most others will delay because of unrealistic expectations from leadership that is out of touch with how reality works. It is not the same.

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joaovictorop29d ago

I'm worried about this delay, Cyberpunk was only delayed for 1 month and the game was still buggy. The Battlefield Beta was infested with bugs and very poorly optimized, the impression it gave is that they could use a good year to improve the game, as did Halo Infinite.

FantasticBoss29d ago

Cyberpunk was delayed way more than a month. That last month was simply the last of many.

Smok9129d ago

One time it was delayed for a month. You’re forgetting the other, longer, delays.

porkChop29d ago

Cyberpunk was supposed to be out like 2 years ago and kept getting delayed. That's a bit different.

Teflon0228d ago

Cyberpunk was delayed 40 years lmao what!?

Also every Battlefield Beta and Alpha is a hot mess. Also if youre a Battlefield player, you kinda know every battlefield gots issues at launch. It's just the nature of the game. They're on it though and the games are still fun af on release

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Profchaos29d ago

It's only a month it's not like it's six months. Most games going through a delay cycle and honestly it's mostly a direct result of project management attempting to hit deadlines that simply push workers to hard.

I've worked in a number of teams and flat out said it's not going to happen on X date and you get a response like ok let's make this our soft date or let's leave it open to moving it back next minute its the public launch date.
Project management guys typically get a performance bonus for getting things delivered under time so they speak to the exec teams and promise a date get the wheels in motion and it's the Devs that get abused for not hitting the mystery date.

Inverno29d ago

What's even a month? If it's really in trouble and they care enough to make sure they deliver a finished product they'd delay it another 6 months at least. A month is not a sign of troubled development. Of course it could still come out broken like many of the previous BF. We'll know when it's out

FantasticBoss29d ago

Depends on the project, really. I remember hearing that the last God of War only really came together in the last few months where everything they were trying to do finally came together. Depending on what the issues with that small little bump could mean the difference between a relatively stable fun game and a buggy unsatisfying mess.

What is it in this situation? No idea, but I'm hoping that they aren't just blowing smoke about the general pace of development and it's because they want to be extra sure all is good rather than a moment of push back panic.

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