Best Buy has the Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 controller on sale

The Outerhaven writes: Best Buy has the Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 controller up for sale. Despite being hit and miss regarding quality issues, this is still one of the better controllers available for the platform and PC.

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alb189929d ago

I bought mine and is one of the best choice I have made for my game experience.


"It usually retails for $179.99; however, it’s currently on sale for $157.99." Yeah ok LOL. A controller that costs almost as much as a console. Shit is made in China it should be worth no more than 60-70$ I'm using a Steelseries Stratus Duo for the PC it's great, costs me 35$ new off ebay, no rumble don't need or use it anyway with certain PC games that would fit a controller better than mouse/keyboard.

Taz X1429d ago

I’ve had 3 of these (returned one and had another exchanged). First was due to drift, second was due to the trigger sticking (another common issue). They are an absolute waste of trash. They don’t work with steam link despite the regular controllers working. Their Bluetooth is by far the weakest of all the controllers I’ve used, and while the build quality is nice, the d-pad is still terrible…

autobotdan29d ago

The worst thing about these controllers is that they come with a built in battery. At least give us battery option choices

littletad29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Yeah, plugged in is better for input lag. Can it be turned off and just used that way, via detection like other controllers?

autobotdan29d ago

I will never purchase any of these Elite controllers because they all have built in batteries with no option to use other batteries

Absonite28d ago

"Xbox controllers don't have built in battery... TRASH!" "Xbox controller HAS a built in battery...TRASH!"

autobotdan28d ago

The only people that have complained about xbox controllers with no built in batteries are the Playstation fanbase.