This must-have mod for Tales of Arise improves LODs, Shadows, Lights & Ambient Occlusion

This mod raises shadows, lights, postprocess effects, disables Chromatic Aberration, and increases both Ambient Oclussion and LOD quality.

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patterson35d ago

This is my only annoyance on an otherwise great game. Currently playing on ps5 and wish they’d optimize the LOD. Seems like it’s tuned for PS4 in that regard.

Darkwatchman35d ago

Yeah, reviewers and stuff saying it looks “AMAZING” but I’m not seeing it. The most aggressive pop-in in a game I’ve seen in years.

MrGameAndWatch35d ago

Even on series x it's very annoying.. Still a great game, that looks better than the old Tales of!
In fact Tales of games are not known for being technically over the top, and so is Arise..

Teflon0235d ago

Just as bad on PS5, walking through town and people literally popping in like 5 steps ahead. It's horrible. It was definitely the last Gen versions basically straight ported because it really makes no sense why it's so bad smh