Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Season 4 Launching September 21

From Xbox Wire: "After the release of the Street Fighter Pack in May, featuring a cross-over with Capcom’s Ryu and Chun-Li, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid returns to its core franchise roots starting this September in Season 4 with the release of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Black Ninja Ranger Adam Park (September 21) and classic villain Rita Repulsa (December), and Power Rangers Dino Charge’s villain Poisandra (November).

All three characters come with mechanics unique to them, giving tons more combat and team-synergy options to explore. They retain the simple to learn, hard to master control scheme of fighters in earlier seasons."

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Hellcat202028d ago

I would have never bought this game but I tried it out on gamepass and it's legit a really good fighting game.
I'll definitely buy a complete version if they release one