New Sega JRPG To Be Revealed at Tokyo Game Show Teases Characters With New Videos

Following the tease of a brand new mobile JRPG to be revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2021, Sega is now teasing its characters.

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autobotdan28d ago

Mobile game for cell phones

KingofBandits28d ago

Its a mobile game... yawn and barf

Seraphim28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

so sick of mobile games getting promoted. they need to either block this rubbish or create a spin-off N4G Mobile site. 2 cents. Because nothing is more disappointing than seeing new RPG/Game followed by F'n MOBILE!!

FinalFantasyFanatic28d ago

I just hate seeing a new game getting hyped and then the big reveal is it's a mobile game, that's happens way too often now.

Servbot4127d ago

Yeah I thought this site was "News 4 Gamers" not "News 4 Gamblers"

CrimsonWing6928d ago

I just can’t believe it’s a mobile game. It’s so annoying! It reminds me when I heard Breath of Fire 6 was being made and then it was a Japan only mobile game… like, why?