Forza Horizon 5 Gets New Video With 30 Minutes of Relaxing Soundscapes

Today Microsoft and Playground Games released a new video of the upcoming open-world racing game Forza Horizon 5, and it’s a rather special one.

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Jin_Sakai28d ago

Wonderful ambient sounds. This game is going to be amazing.

bobsmith28d ago

can you drive up the pyramid at 14min

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Father__Merrin28d ago

Good video but the subtle audio like this you simply won't hear unless you stop to listen

Si-Fly28d ago

Probably why the made a video of it 🤣

mikey1528d ago

Si-Fly4h ago
Probably why the made a video of it 🤣***

It isn't even a video, unless Mexico is devoid of dynamic weather/ wind/ moving cloud formation and water ripples which are static, with no ray-tracing to make them dance/ sparkle in the sun. Perhaps its only the Audio which has "ray tracing" on a static screenshot eh? lol

They could have at least made the stills interesting ala the Driveclub Photo Editor..

Tedakin28d ago

Why would they make this still images?

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