Call of Duty Franchise Is In Need Of Serious Changes And Innovation

Over the weekend I participated in the Call of Duty Vanguard Beta on PC. And I have surprisingly little to even report on. I mean, what is there to say? It’s a Call of Duty game. And I hate that I just wrote that. People hear “It’s a Call of Duty game” and they can imagine how the campaign will play out, what the multiplayer is like, and how the shooting feels. But Vanguard is even worse, it’s not following the formula to a T, it’s a copy-and-paste game. It’s literally Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), with WWII skins, slapped on top of everything.

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porkChop28d ago

Yes, but here's the thing. Every time we see a significant change or innovation in COD the community pushes back and complains about the changes. They say they want change but they're the first ones to bitch about anything being different.

COD4 was awesome because everything was fresh, every area of the game saw significant innovation. But that will never happen again because the community won't allow it.

Sciurus_vulgaris27d ago

The Call Duty franchise, despite its M-rating, is very popular with younger gamers. Gamers aging out of COD isn’t an issue for Activision, as younger people play it so readily. As soon as some “ages-out” of Call of Duty, a younger gamer takes their place. COD doesn’t need much innovation to stay popular.

porkChop27d ago

Unfortunately you're probably right. It's a shame that EA shit the bed so badly with Medal of Honor: Warfighter. If the Medal of Honor series had taken off again COD would have had a more direct competitor.

Mazgamer27d ago

I guess we will have to see how Vanguard does in sales numbers. A lot of people seem to skip Vanguard for Battlefield 2042 this year. Maybe this is the start of other companies pushing back against CoD, or nothing will change at all.