SUDA51 On No More Heroes And The Future Of Travis Touchdown

From Nintendo Life: "The recent launch of No More Heroes III completed the journey of series protagonist Travis Touchdown, capping off a trilogy of games (plus a spin-off) that began back on the Wii. Fans of iconic game director SUDA51 had waited a while for this one, and apparently this game will be his final outing with Travis.

With the entire Travis 'saga' now available on Switch, we recently sat down with the director to discuss the future of Mr Touchdown, saying goodbye to the series, and the Nintendo IP he'd enjoy remaking given the chance. We recommend you watch the video of our interview with SUDA above, but if you prefer the written word, we can accommodate you there, too. We're generous like that. Enjoy!"

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Fist4achin502d ago

It's all good. I just want to see them release more because the humor is top notch.